(fear not): And Learn Much

Lifelong creative writer Alan Lohner, award-winning photographer Jason Savage, and graphic designer Cory Raff have put together an uplifting, life-affirming guide in “(fear not): Venture to Inner Peace.” Inspirational passages paired with sepia-toned images that are visually pleasing, as well as stimulating, make for easy reading that one will return to often.

Lohner, a former police officer for four years in Toledo, Ohio, felt compelled to share the life lessons that were presented to him during a visitation from his deceased brother, as well as during a separate visit from three spirit guides on the eighth anniversary of his mother’s death. Sixty thought-provoking passages such as, “you can change the past,” “take nothing personally,” and “real wealth appears on no ledger” are paired on two-page spreads with one of Savage’s insightful snap-shots.

The concept of (fear not) is actually used as a passage in the book on three separate occasions. It is the last reference though that grabbed my closest attention. Defined as “two negative words…transformed into a single positive affirmation” and challenged to “redirect one negative thought right now to show yourself that it can be done,” I was beyond pleasantly-surprised that I actually came up with the ideas of “never hate,” “don’t quit,” and “can’t fail.” I’m still working on creating a list of such “positive negatives.”

A book “dedicated to peace for men, women, and children everywhere,” “the reason for this book” is defined as “easing (the journey to inner peace) – – and helping you live with greater purpose….” It’s amazing that such a concise guide is capable of accomplishing so much within its one-hundred and twenty-one pages.

My only complaint after having reviewed this wonderful guide is that I now have to wait for the companion book that Lohner and Savage are in the process of putting together that will focus on higher purpose. To pass the time, I’m sure that I’ll keep (fear not) close by to provide me with the occasional dose of inspiration that I need to refocus and rejuvenate my soul.

While most of my reviews are much longer than this one, I take comfort in (fear not)’s passage that “small acts are most important.” A small book with powerful messages, Alan Lohner and Jasone Savage’s “(fear not): Venture to Inner Peace” would make a wonderful addition to your book collection, as well as a treasured gift for the loved ones in your life. Read, look, and “learn to unlearn” (yet another passage) to enjoy the simplicity of truthful insights.

Donna McLaughlin Schwender is the “soul proprietor” of One-Eared Dog, Ink. As a freelance writer living in upstate New York, she can be reached at schwender@aol.com.

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