The Power of Intention: Connecting to the Driving Force of the Universe

“The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way” by Wayne W. Dyer is the latest in a long line of bestselling books from this internationally recognized author and “father of motivation” speaker. Perhaps best known for his time-honored book “Your Erroneous Zones,” Dyer, during an interview, provided valuable insight into what he believes is the difference between motivation and inspiration and the connection between such forces to the “power of intention.”

According to Dyer, “Motivation is when you get an idea yourself and then you put motion to it…and you feel like a driving force to go out and accomplish something….Inspiration is the opposite of motivation. It’s what happens when an idea gets a hold of you…and you feel almost compelled to let that idea carry you….Intention is…a field of energy that we connect to, which will carry us, rather than something that we will do….Everything just flow[s]. That’s what happens when you get inspired.” Within Dyer’s newest publication, he often refers to this “power of intention” as being the actual driving force of the universe, one that we can all learn to tap into to aid in co-creating our life.

The approach that Dyer takes to make this point is basically laid out within the first sentence of the book. It reads, “During the past several years, I’ve been so strongly attracted to studying intention that I’ve read hundreds of books by psychological, sociological, and spiritual writers; ancient and modern scholars; and academic researchers.” This book is therefore a compilation of many Eastern and Western philosophies and practices such as Buddhism, meditation, detachment, and positive thinking, with Dyer’s own special talent at being able to present such information with a unique perspective and interesting new insight. Psychology is literally interwoven with a balanced dose of spirituality.

After presenting the reader with new perspectives pertaining to intention, Dyer goes into detail describing what he considers the “seven faces of intention” which include creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance, and receptivity. After defining “connectors” as positive-focused individuals who are co-creating their lives with the aid of the energy associated with the power of intention, Dyer identifies the potential obstacles to making such a connection to intention. A major portion of the book serves as a guide to put the principles of intention to work in your daily life. The book concludes with Dyer’s uplifting and inspirational written portrait of how one’s world would be if it were connected to the field of intention.

I admit that my first contact with Wayne Dyer was in his book “You’ll See It When You Believe It: The Way to Your Personal Transformation.” I bought the book simply because of its lengthy chapter devoted to synchronicity, a topic that has fascinated me for years. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed with my purchase. I was no less impressed with Dyer’s “The Power of Intention.”

It amazes me that a man who spent his childhood in orphanages and foster homes can focus so clearly on the positive forces in life. Perhaps his secret lies in the answer he gave to a question that was asked of him during the aforementioned interview. The question “What’s the single most important thing a person can do every day to invoke their power of intention?” was posed to Dyer. He responded with, “They have to repeat the five key words: I want to feel good or I intend to feel good. Remember that feeling good is the same thing as saying I want to feel spirit, or I want to be in harmony with source – – and this is a source of well-being; it is a source of abundance; it is a source of healing; it is a source of kindness; it is a source of love.”

If you want to learn how to become a “connector” to such self-empowering positive energy, treat yourself to a copy of Wayne Dyer’s “The Power of Intention.” This is one good intention that will serve you well.

Donna McLaughlin Schwender is the “soul proprietor” of One-Eared Dog, Ink. As a freelance writer living in upstate New York, she can be reached at

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