Cortiva Institute – Somerset School of Massage Therapy – Piscataway, New Jersey

NJ massage school training can provide you with the skills to enter a career – not just a job. Since 1987, Cortiva Institute – Somerset School of Massage Therapy, located at 180 Centennial Avenue in Piscataway, has been teaching the art and science of bodywork to those students who wish to succeed in the professional world.

While attending this massage institute in NJ, you’ll use modern equipment to learn the modalities and therapies that will help your clients feel better. Both ancient and contemporary techniques are included in your hands-on learning which, along with classroom study, creates a comprehensive learning environment.

Training at this NJ massage therapy school will qualify you to sit for the national board exams and, upon receiving necessary licensure, qualify for work in hospitals, spas, resorts, and many other places of employment that require the services of caring individuals with a sound knowledge base in caring for clients.

You can arrange to tour this NJ massage school to see for yourself the educational qualify and facilities available. Before you plan your visit, you’ll want to gather many more facts about the quality experience you’ll enjoy if you choose this fine school for your education. Simply request information with no obligation on your part to learn all the details by entering in your information.

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