Aromatherapy Blends: Three Easy Essential Oil Recipes to Ease Migraines

If you’ve ever suffered from migraines, the symptoms are all too familiar: extreme sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, a throbbing, pulsating pain. According to, migraines are a relatively common problem, afflicting about 18% of women and 6% of men in the United States.

Doctors believe migraines are triggered by poor dietary habits and dehydration. Other factors have also been known to cause the headaches. Stress, such as nervous tension or a strenuous lifestyle, can be a trigger. Muscle tension – when your body stores emotional stress leading to poor circulation – can be a factor. Physical and mental fatigue can also trigger a migraine. Ultimately, these kinds of stresses lead to chronic muscular degeneration, pain, exhaustion, fatigue, and negative or “toxic” emotions.

For many, the only treatment for a migraine is to simply lie in a dark room with a cold compress on the head. But how else can you ease or even prevent painful migraines?

It is important to first look at what may be triggering them. Research has shown that eliminating certain foods can help prevent migraines.. Of course, it also helps to eat regular, balanced meals and drink lots of water. And perhaps most importantly, take time to nurture yourself. Relax, pamper yourself with a full body massage, take warm baths, walk in the fresh air. Meditate to deepen your insight and increase awareness of the patterns and toxic emotions stored within. These activities can release the fatigue, stress, and negative emotions building inside you, which may in fact be causing your migraines.

The following aromatherapy recipes can also be used as a preventative measure, and can even help ease your pain. Once you’ve determined what is triggering your migraines, prepare the appropriate recipe by pouring the oil essences into a 10-ml bottle, and adding vegetable oil to fill.

If the pain persists even after trying the suggested remedies above, I definitely encourage you to visit your physician.

Aromatherapy Blend #1 – Migraines related with negative emotions

3 drops Roman Chamomile

8 drops Lavender

Aromatherapy blend #2 – Migraines related with muscular tension

4 drops Lavender

5 drops Peppermint

Massage the forehead, temples, neck and shoulders.

Aromatherapy blend #3 – Migraines related with nervous tension

3 drops Roman Chamomile

3 drops Neroli

5 drops Marjoram

Massage the forehead, temples and solar plexus. Breathe it in deeply. Pour 15 drops of this aromatic blend into the bathtub and soak for at least 15 minutes.

By Françoise Rapp

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