Astrologer Susan Miller – The Year Ahead 2005

By Susan Miller – Your Ultimate Astrology Planner

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2005 may be your favorite year in this decade. So says Susan Miller, who has written the ultimate astrology planner for the year to come. Also the author of Planets and Possibilities, The Year Ahead 2002, The Year Ahead 2003, and The Year Ahead 2004, Miller now turns her sunny outlook on the New Year. But she also reminds us, “Astrology is not the study of destiny, but of opportunity.”

Before you even get to the incredibly thorough description of opportunities and pitfalls for each sign, there are 100 pages of material that is ideal for anyone new to the art and science of astrology.

First, there is an overall description of 2005 for all signs. Next is the intriguing story of how she became an astrologer –after an exactly 12-year apprenticeship and a completely unrelated career. Then are several chapters that are especially helpful for those of us who know little to nothing about astrology: how to deal with eclipses (and why they matter,) what it means when Mercury retrogrades, the 12 houses in each of the signs, and the effects of the planets, sun, and moon on each of the signs.

The Susan Miller Astrology Horoscope stresses the value of being familiar with your natal chart. The major tenet of astrology is, “As above, so below,” and a chart of what was going on above as you arrived below is invaluable, she says, in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Even though you can get a complete explanation of this very individual horoscope, for a fee, through her web site, Susan Miller is generous enough to mention, more than once, that there are a number of places on the Web where you can get a free chart done. But that’s just the first 100 pages.

The last almost-400 pages are devoted to your horoscope, by sign, for the year 2005. Each sign begins with its own overview of the New Year. Then comes “the Year in Detail” for that sign. Just about everything is covered – love, creativity, money, fame, physical health, even the best times of year to pursue therapy! Since I don’t know which of the signs is yours, I’ll let you peruse them for yourself.

No matter how well versed you are in astrology–or not–here is a reference to enjoy all year long.

Article by Christie McKaskle

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