“Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity” starts out with a passage from the 1592 Venice trial of Giordano Bruno, a Dominican monk and author of over twenty books-outspoken regarding the Church and matters of reincarnation and Christianity; he was charged with and tried for heresy. The first chapter tells in vivid detail the scene where he is burned alive at the stake.

Through this book, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the life of one soul after death and makes a good argument for Jesus Christ being a mystic who taught that the true way to experience God was to connect with God from within your self. Reincarnation theories are clear and designed to help Christians understand using biblical and historical references. It is an excellent book for the newly interested in reincarnation-but unable to reconcile the idea with Christian beliefs. If you have never related to the idea of Christianity or find it difficult to steer away from “mainstream” beliefs, Prophet’s book is a breath of fresh air. However, it is not for the faint of heart; as outspoken as Bruno himself, you will learn the truth as to why the Church rejected the concept and teachings of reincarnation, the soul’s return to the earth, and the possibility of future lives.

In a time when scholars still believed that the stars were flat, that they did not move, and that the earth was the center of the universe, Bruno challenged all of these with the teachings that we do not have to die to become one with God, and that we have a right to believe that we would die and live again-through reincarnation. Not only does this book contain historical evidence as to Bruno’s trials, it has block print engravings-artists renderings of his trial and subsequent death. You will also get a good look at Jesus as teacher and philosopher rather than seen as the Son of God and miracle worker.

In this history of reincarnation and Christianity, Prophet gives us hope with historical and biblical lineage-for Christians and Heretics alike.

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