Reiki: Pleasure, Fun and Creativity - Sacral Chakra: Part 2

We're going to move on up the chain to the second chakra and it's associations with pleasure, fun, and creativity. The Second Chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra resonates to the color orange and relates to the reproductive organs. Now... Chakras one and two are constantly being mixed up with each other. And the exact positioning of each one depends entirely on the school of thought you are listening to at the time...

But, for us, the exact positioning is quite unimportant. Your intention is the only important thing. If you are intending to run the Reiki energy through your first Chakra (coccyx, rectal area)...

Then that is where the energy will flow.

If you are intending to run the energy through your second Chakra (genital area) - then that also - is where it will flow.

Your intention rules... always.

Energizing this second chakra, is similar to that of your first, only this time you use the color orange. Orange underwear, orange trousers, orange skirt etc.

And you can also eat foods of this color... carrots, oranges, orange peppers and the like.

Now, as for the Reiki... Again, you can use the same exercise as with your first chakra. So...

Lie or sit, and rest your hands low down on your abdomen or, if you find it comfortable enough, over your genital area itself.

Activate the appropriate symbol and simply allow the energy to run for as long as you want or need...

You'll know when you've had enough because you'll probably find yourself getting fidgety.

Of course, if you plan to run the energy at night before sleeping, it's quite okay to just carry on running it until you drift off into dreamland.

So, how will this affect you..?

Plenty, we hope. For allowing as much pleasure and fun into your life should be of paramount importance. And this pleasure and fun should most definitely underpin all your creative endeavours.

If you are a woman... the womb is the center of your creativity, the seat of your power. If you are not using this energy internally - as in creating babies - you need to be expressing it externally - as in...

Writing, drawing, painting, interior designing, flower arranging... anything - just being creatively creative will keep the energy flowing strongly and smoothly.

Why would you want to do this?

Because if you don't allow your creative energy to flow it can become blocked or out of balance, and this can lead to problems.

What kind of problems?

Well, blocked creative expression can lead to frequent headaches, foggy thinking, depression, problems with your womb and even vision disturbances (as in not being able to see a clear path ahead) etc.

There are other ways these imbalances can show up, of course, but we think that's enough for you to get the flavor of what we mean.

If you're a man... the same applies. You need to be creative too...

Maybe not with the flower arranging perhaps...but then again...well, who knows.

A man who is confident in himself exudes a powerful, sensual energy. He is the mature male.

A woman who is confident in herself is like a ship in full sail - magnificent, graceful, sensual, magic.

And it all stems from allowing the creative energy to flow. Which also includes, by the way, the most powerful and fundamental of your creative energies... sexual expression. Give yourself full permission to experience and deeply enjoy everything about this natural, creative and wholly, satisfying energy.

Okay then...

So what else can Reiki healing energy do to help generate this feeling of balance and the 'at oneness with life' feeling?

Well, at this level we need to center on clearing away those things, situations and people that throw us out of balance...

For instance, the job that's not right, the relationship that only 'sort of' works, the friends that aren't really...

In fact clear out anything and everything in your life which does not bring you fun, pleasure and enjoyment.

There is no easy way to do this 'de-cluttering' of your life. But Reiki will certainly help you to choose what is right for you. It will help guide you towards that which is your hearts desire. So by...

Using the appropriate Reiki symbol (see page 159 of our book Radical Reiki - Radical Life if you don't know what this is) whilst running the energy through your second chakra, you will begin to bring this understanding to you. It'll help you see clearly what you really want without getting too emotionally roller-coastered in the process.

The more fun, pleasure and creativity there is in your life the more powerful and free you feel...

The lighter your thoughts, the more clarity of vision you have.

In part one of this short course we asked you to begin trusting in yourself. So, let's begin trusting some more here...

Let's trust that you know what's right for you - and that only you know what's right.

Then you'll begin living the life you chose - pleasurably, creatively and with an immense amount of fun.

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This energy healing therapy mini course is written by husband and wife team, Judith & Chris Conroy. To learn more about Reiki, please click > Reiki Master Tuition Cost Information