Denver School of Massage Therapy - Aurora Campus


Of the available massage schools, Denver Colorado offers the Denver School of Massage Therapy's Aurora Campus which is located at The Plaza at Aurora Mall, 14107 East Exposition Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012. Located on the east side of the Denver metro area, you'll find a beautiful campus with convenient transportation awaiting your arrival.

This fine school provides excellent classes and a full curriculum to prepare you to enter the in-demand field of therapeutic massage. State licensing exams will be a breeze after completing your training at what is often called the best of the massage schools Denver CO has to offer.

massage coursesYou'll learn how to manipulate the human body to relieve pain, assist the natural healing process, relax tight or tense muscles, improve immune system response, speed healing from accidents and injuries, and much more during your hand-on training experience at Denver School of Massage Therapy's Aurora Campus.

Begin your pathway to a new, exciting, life purpose career by contacting the school today through their online request form. You will quickly receive answers to your important questions.

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