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Types and Benefits of Portable Massage Tables

The earliest known massage was basically a floor massage. However, in this day and age, with the advancements in technology practitioners now have a variety of types and sizes of massage tables to choose.

A portable massage table is an important piece of equipment for all massage therapists to own. Essentially, massage is the art of relaxing the tense joints and soft tissue of the body, using the hands. So, a portable massage table can facilitate the service anywhere and at any time.

Normally, you will find tables with a pair of legs at each corner and two pairs of recessed legs in the center. This design allows the therapist to work with all sizes and weights of bodies without any apparent stress or table flex. This allows the massage therapist to concentrate on the massage, instead of wasting time bending and adjusting the table, or worrying about the extra large client. When it comes to non stationary designs many are made with Aluminum and various woods and fibers. However, Aluminum is a preferred material when making a massage table that is portable. Aluminum is lightweight, known to provide durability, and is easy to set up and take down.

Types of Portable Massage Tables

If you're looking for the perfect massage table, then here are a few portable designs that are available in the market. You will find several models by EarthlLite (the Luna table is only 26 pounds), Custom Craftworks, and Instep that are made from lightweight aluminum.

Aluminum Portable Massage Tables - These popular tables are specially designed for comfort and come in various shapes and sizes. They have adjustable backrests and height and these high-resilient tables are replete with foam cushions, face cradles and shoulder recesses. These features are known to prevent the restriction of blood circulation to the arms. In addition, this unique creation can be conveniently folded into a compact kit.

outdoor massageStudent Massage Tables - Student massage tables are designed specifically for those of you who are interested in pursuing massage therapy as a career. These durable massage tables are strong and generally include the features required by students. The costly add-ons, used by professionals are eliminated. You can often find student packages, too.

Lightweight Adjustable Portable Massage Table - The lightweight adjustable portable massage table is designed from materials that are lighter than wood, like aluminum. These tables are generally smaller than most other massage tables. Lightweight tables are ideally below 30 pounds. They flaunt adjustable features like the headrest, arm shelf and face rest to name a few. The tables are both, sturdy and light enough for the practitioner to carry around when seeing clients at their homes, or if you are lucky enough to work in a climate that allows you to be mobile enough to work out doors.

Lightweight Tilt Portable Massage Table - To meet the demands of therapists and practitioners who intend to pursue and maintain lengthy careers, the lightweight tilt portable massage fits this niche. It is made of aluminum, which makes it durable as well as light. These tables can be transported quite easily and are very convenient for a variety of modalities and client needs. Custom Craftworks has a quality tilt, portable design.

What to Look for When Buying a Portable Massage Table

massage table packagesWhen shopping for portable massage tables, the price shouldn't be your primary concern. Massage tables that are also portable can be very expensive, but you can also find high quality affordable tables. In your search for the perfect, yet most affordable equipment, identify massage table packages that offer a warranty for the really good deals. For any practitioner, the client's comfort should be of prime importance. You should look for a package that gives you a comfortable portable device that gives you flexibility with your work, an adjustable headrest and a protective case. The add-on features can make a big difference in the price.

The more foam within the cushions, the softer will the table be. However, the quality of foam is an important factor. It determines the durability of the table. Another factor to consider when buying your portable massage table is durability. Your massage table should be able to withstand extreme conditions. You should inspect the warranty thoroughly. Good quality tables generally carry a lifetime warranty against any defects.

Nevertheless, if you are a professional or a student you can find good portable tables in a variety of massage table packages that are designed to meet your needs. Find a very large assortment of lightweight and portable designs to fit all budgets, including the most well known and respected brands.