Business Building: Ignite Your Massage Therapy Practice

Amy Roberts, author of "Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business," is a business coach who specializes in training massage therapists. Most people become massage therapists out of a sense of wanting to help others, and if the repeat clients are good, there is money to be made. However, most massage therapists don't take business courses, and often go leave their practices within the first two years because they have not been taught to view massage therapy like any other self employed small business opportunity. Amy Roberts has written a comprehensive and easy to understand book to fix this problem and set massage practitioners on the road to success.

The book tackles such aspects as the power of positive thinking and self talk and why a massage business, like any other small business, must be approached with a business-mind. As you work with Amy's tried true business strategies you will also learn about successful marketing and how to keep your clients as repeat customers. This is indeed the cornerstone of any small business success. Just as important, you will also learn self care and how to avoid burnout.

The first chapter concentrates on mental programming and how this relates to your success as a massage therapist. Constant repetition (self talk) becomes ingrained in one's subconscious. How does that relate to you as a massage practitioner? If you've told yourself all your life that you are terrible with money, you may find your business failing financially before it even gets off the ground. The self talk exercises and positive techniques used in the book are excellent and informative. More importantly, they are realistic. The words of wisdom from Nelson Mandela's inaugural speech are worth printing out and keeping where you can be inspired daily.

Another area that Amy Roberts emphasizes with wise insight is your business plan. She coaches you in creating your business vision through a practical, down to earth business plan, like the kind one would use to apply for a small business loan. It is very cut and dry, easy to follow, and is much like the kind you would find in any business course. Business needs are coupled with personal needs and set into a realistic and strategic business plan. The chapter on preparing for success even addresses how to dress and conduct yourself professionally. She gives tips from what to wear and what to avoid, such as why perfume is a bad idea.

When we get to the chapter on maintaining your clinic or practitioner space you will enjoy her fun approach. You will learn about the best massage oils, Feng Shui, lighting, plants, and why you could choose to keep the computer in a different room. The marketing secrets in Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business, will teach you how to develop a client base and client target, how to get and keep clients, and how to network with other providers.

By the time you reach the chapter on marketing tools you will find it is simple and direct, and be sure and pay close attention. The bonus book titled "Business Checkup" is only 17 pages long but is very valuable as it gives a clear cut and precise approach to following the guidelines set forth in the first book. It is really a simple "Check Up" to insure success and give support.

If you are starting your massage career of course you want to be successful. To do that you need to create a client base and a business plan. Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business may provide just the plan. It has received much praise from those who have actualized this ebooks offerings. If you are eager to build your practice doing a job that truly makes a difference in people's lives why reinvent the wheel. Amy Roberts offers an affordable, doable, and well written and ebook to help you on your way.

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