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For Personal Development: The Miracle of Goal Setting - Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series we learned about creating clarity of our needs and desires, and then translating these into goals. In this installment we'll be looking at setting timelines.

Setting timelines for goal setting is a typical exercise. It becomes a bit trickier when combined with metaphysics as we are doing. The reason for this is that as we practice these techniques, we will frequently achieve our goal far in advance of the time set. Or, we will have the capacity of doing so, and subconsciously hold off the manifestation until we reach the "assigned" time slot. This can be a real issue, creating a number of conflicts unless we prepare for it in advance. This often occurs even in traditional goal-setting, and can leave a person feeling drained and apathetic. This happens because the effort to accomplish something has gone on too long.

Typically, goal setting begins with a 5 year plan. Envision what you would like your life to look like five years from now. Will you be living in a different home? What work will you be doing? How is your romantic life? What is your relationship with your family? These are all different factors that you will want to examine. Naturally, you must take notes. Describe these different visions. You will probably refer to the notes you took for lessons 1 and 2, and these certainly should be integrated into your overall picture. As you assemble these various factors, you'll see a "story" emerge with you as the key character. This story should feel good to you, and as you put yourself more solidly into the picture, more natural as well. Your final draft of this story should be in a form that you can easily copy. You will want to distribute this in several places; near your bed, by your paperwork at home, and at work if possible. You should refer to it often.

There will be preliminary steps to the achievement of your big goals, as we covered in Part 2. Put these on a timeline. For instance, if a big goal is to enter an executive position, when are you starting that night school class? Write it down. Write down when you'll be hiring the resume' service, and the time increments of investing in a more professional wardrobe. These intermediate steps are the ones which require a specific timeline, since these are the ones that we're most likely to procrastinate on. However, as you move along in the practice of this, these will frequently be done earlier as well. You may come into some money that will enable you to purchase all of your wardrobe requirements. A friend may be able to get you an unexpected interview. These are expected and natural occurrences for the metaphysician. When one happens, you need to go back and redefine all the necessary timelines that no longer apply.

Just because you are likely to exceed your expected timelines, doesn't mean that they should not be set. These are another way of establishing a metaphysical attraction to what you want in your life. With each factor that is clearly established in your mind, you are more likely to attract metaphysical assistance in its accomplishment.

As important as these intermediate steps are, and they most certainly need to be attended to, your big story is what you'll need to refer to. This overall picture is what you want to magnetize the Universe to help you create. It's not uncommon for your big picture to become so well magnetized that it can be manifested before any intermediate steps can be actualized. When this occurs, it generally happens in a way that you never considered and can be quite a surprise.

I cannot overstress the importance of pursuing all of the different steps in goal setting, whether they turn out to be necessary or not. It is the act of creating these and putting your personal energy into them that allows their fulfillment. In metaphysics this is called "embodiment" and is the magic juice which enables manifestation. When you embody your goal, you are infusing it with your energy, your creativity and your life spark. The more that you can make this goal feel right, natural and real to you, the more effectively it will manifest.

Finally, enjoy your goal setting activities. This is supposed to be a joyful, creative act. Allow yourself to express your deepest desires and decide to get them fulfilled.

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