Guided Meditation CD: I Am the Holy Grail: Your Personal Sacred Union with Source

Suzanna Kennedy’s “I Am the Holy Grail” is a moving CD on many levels. For over an hour (74 minutes and 3 seconds to be exact), Suzanna, with her calming voice and haunting background music, shares a guided meditation that takes you through visualizations that are overflowing with color, action, texture, thoughts, and emotions.

The meditative music that lies perfectly below the surface of Suzanna’s message is enough of a reason for me to buy the CD. Often times I am distracted by the music utilized on such meditative CDs — too loud, too soft, not appropriate for the chosen purpose — but Suzanna has made a wise choice with Kimba Arens whose notes pave the way along this soul-expanding internal journey. The “water sounds” literally carry you through the somewhat exhausting, but soul-cleansing, part of the journey when a fast-paced “piston breath” is used to rid your body of the negative energies that lie within.

Suzanna doesn’t just focus on the physical body though. She literally reaches into and talks to the subatomic, atomic, and cellular levels of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, along with your chakras and the “multiple yous” that exist in the time and space continuum. She helps you create a “safe and sacred place” to start this process by guiding you to reconnect with your Heart of Blessed Mother Earth, as well as your Heart of Father Source.

And such is the focus of this uplifting and energizing CD. We are introduced to the likes of the Energy of Grace and we are taken along a journey to the creation of a chamber of sacred space and the golden tunnel that leads to the space/time continuum and connects us to Source. Vivid images of the Star of David and its energizing capabilities, colored flames and their divine powers, trans-mutated negative energies that now dance together in joy and peace are all interwoven with the goal of helping us clear hidden and suppressed energies from this life and all of our other selves from all times and dimensions simultaneously.

Spoken invocations of “I Am” intentions are utilized, along with the piston breath, to help you emerge at the point where you can “merge the male aspect of Christ Consciousness with your inner male [as well as]…the female aspect of Christ Consciousness with your inner female.” This Sacred Union is merged again with your own personal inner child, thereby becoming the Christ Child that resides within you. Your own body is now the Holy Grail…totally in touch with the Source.

Sound too “over the top” or “out there” for you? Trust me, in the end, it all makes sense as to where Suzanna is gently trying to lead you. You will be introduced to a unique way of using “passionate compassion” to turn negative energies of “separation, abandonment, betrayal, rejection, victim hood, anger, rage, and jealousy” into a powerful and healing source of “divine trust and allowance” that will fill and overflow your life and extend into the lives around you and that will also return to Mother Earth and Father Source.

holygrailIf you want to listen to a guided meditation CD that doesn’t try to squeeze itself into a 30-minute “quick fix,” get your hands on a copy of Suzanna Kennedy’s “I Am the Holy Grail.” It’s a magical journey that you can go on, time and time again, and one in which you will return to the world feeling refreshed and more alive.

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Donna McLaughlin Schwender is the “soul proprietor” of One-Eared Dog, Ink. As a freelance writer living in upstate New York, she can be reached at

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