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Top 6 Correspondence Schools for Learning Herbology, Medical Hearbalism, and Botany

If you are seeking aromatherapy training you'll want to know more about online and correspondence courses to help you receive an education from the convenience of your home.

Correspondence courses in Herbology, Medical Herbalism, Botanical Studies, and Natural Health can be found at several locations in the US.

Expanding your botanical knowledge provides the wisdom for understanding how to use herbs as medicine. You will even learn how to identify plants in the wild as well as the ones you can grow in your own yard or find locally.

Each of the well know known schools below comes highly recommended by Mountain Rose Herbs where we prefer to purchase organic bulk herbs because they are the of the highest quality.

Because you are not dependent on the area where you live your may find any one of these schools appropriate depending on your preference.

The Top 6 highly recommended schools for botanical studies include:

  • Susan Weed Wise Woman Center in New York
  • Sage Mountain in Vermont
  • Heart of Herbs in Princeton Maine
  • Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham Alabama
  • School of Natural Healing in Utah
  • Global College of Natural Medicine in California

Also, while you are attending studies with any of the schools listed above Mountain Rose Herbs extends a ten percent discount to help offset the costs of your education.

One of these schools will completely prepare you with a balanced knowledge of this exciting field including the history of aromatherapy, botany and chemistry of essential oils, blending techniques, spa therapies and more.

You'll enjoy every workday as you help people feel better, relax more and enjoy life through their sense of smell.

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