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Compatibility and Zodiac Signs: Around the Circle by Thirds

When learning about the zodiac signs, compatible combinations are important to assist in astrology counseling, or for your own information. Finding a compatible mate is never simple, but using Astrology to find what zodiac signs are best matched can make it easier. For purposes of romance, let's look at Moonsigns. These are some of the most variable from person to person and as the Moon rules emotions, knowing one's Moonsign will help you understand what is vital from your heart to theirs.

For instance, in determining compatibility through zodiac signs, a person born with their Moon in Cancer (aka Moon children) is easily driven to tears. Cancers cry when they're happy, wail when they're sad and whimper at everything else. Which is all well and good, provided the Cancer in question is with another, equally sentimental and emotional sign such as the highly compatible Libra, because they will 'know where Cancer's coming from'. Heaven help the Moon Child who weeps before a more stoic sign, like Capricorn or Virgo. They simply will not know how to deal with the waterworks, and Virgo can get downright annoyed because there is no base zodiac compatibility.

Conversely, someone of the more 'serious', earth-bound signs, like Taurus, will surely baffle sentimental Aquarius or moon-struck Cancer, who won't know why their Bull-friend never shows his cards (and always wins at poker). Using the zodiac to determine compatible relationship can save you a lot of grief if you know from the beginning what the base emotional need of each sign.

The Fire Signs of Leo and Aries can leave a delicate Piscean feeling like they've been hit by a truck or drive a Libra crazy with their aggressiveness and forward pushing ways. Compatibility within these zodiac signs is not likely unless there are some strong mutual planetary configurations, especially in the 7th house. This trait in both Leo and Aries delights Sagittarius. Geminis are usually intrigued by both signs forming a kind of mutual admiration society when they get together and usually these zodiac signs can be quite complementary.

A good rule of thumb when charting for compatibility is this. Start at your sign and then every fourth sign on along the ring of the Zodiac is likely a good match. For instance, Virgo pairs well with Taurus and Capricorn. Libras mesh delightfully with Aquarius and Gemini. Every fourth sign share their Element, as well. See how Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are good matches with one another? Could be because they are all Earth signs, with at least one foot on the planet and the other firmly planted in mid-air at all times. This is a good basis for charting basic zodiac compatibility.

Let Astrology guide you toward true love. Your connection with another zodiac sign is written in the stars.