Take a Revolutionary Leap and Expand Your Consciousness

By Sandy Breckenridge

“If you are reading this now, I believe that, intuitively you know we are the transition generation-the ones to go beyond humanity’s current repetitive insane acts…”

Are you Ready to Live a New Reality?

That is the invitation Constance Kellough’s new book, “The Leap” offers. I found myself reading her newly released book as quickly as I could digest each chapter. Page-by-page I discovered quotes and insights that spoke directly to my heart. I found that so many of my thoughts and observations were expressed and deepened into an eloquently written, conscious, and intentional map. Each chapter designed to shift our reality, one person at a time, into a collective evolutionary leap. I believe this book may be one you will read over, and over, again.

Often in conversations with my Mother I remember her spending our time together describing every negative thing that crossed her mind. She would start with personal accounts as related to her life, then would add to the assault by gathering further evidence as she would describe problems throughout the world. She would rant on about the starving people in Africa, racism around the world, violence in the name of religion–gasping for air–the list would go on and on. Then she would query me, asking why I wasn’t a more aware individual. Why I didn’t watch the evening news and stay up on current events?

During each of our mother-daughter chats I “was” offered an opportunity to become more aware. Maybe not as she prescribed, but I found myself giving her the best explanation that I knew to give.

“Mom, I understand what you observe in the world exists for you. And I am not saying it isn’t real. But, all I know how to do is be the best example I know how to be. I have to trust that people are innately good, and that my example may ripple and touch someone’s life because we are all interconnected.”

My mom didn’t have much to say after that. She would calm down for a minute while still ranting under her breath, and then she’d change the subject by going to the fridge to she what she could find for us to eat. We’d share some food, then hug good-bye as we told each other we loved one another. I would always feel sad when I left. I didn’t know how to directly support my mom other than love her as unconditionally as I could. She didn’t know how to unplug herself from this self-validating victim hood. Nor, did she know how to find and use transformational tools to change her reality. For her, the world was unsafe, unloving, and filled with fear for the most part.

What if a book like, “The Leap” existed for my mother’s generation? Would she have been able step into the hope this book so masterfully offers? I don’t really know, but I can’t help but wish I could’ve shared it with her. I certainly feel that in current times anyone who picks up this transformational book will find it most useful for creating a shift in his or her perceptions and reality. The flow of the chapters build a solid strategy to awaken each of us from our limitations and illusions while offering exercises that teach us how to live in deeply resourceful states.

For instance, in chapter two, “The Foundation for the Leap,” we learn how to still our minds and connect with the divine dwelling within each of us. This is where we realize our essence and connect to the field of infinite knowing where “the external fear-evoking world loses its hold on us.”

Chapter two goes on to envision our world leaders doing the same prior to deliberations–retreating into stillness to gather spiritual wisdom before taking course-changing actions. We look at the concept of corporations, institutions, and work places honoring “stillness breaks” where employees are offered time to be truly present to connect with their higher self and create from this resourceful state.

In chapter three, “Inner Knower,” we learn how our thoughts are made up of memories, and how we rearrange the memories stored in our brains. This is why we must go deeper to find true inspiration. We learn how to live from the inside out so we may encounter what it feels like to be guided by inner peace while accessing knowing centers where skills of clairvoyance and telepathy are enhanced.

In Chapter Four, “Your Finger Only Points at You,” the value of releasing judgment and blame is covered, and how scapgoating and terrorism are related. We learn how we are responsible for how we respond to all we see and experience and how self-love provides us with a strong foundation for learning. This chapter continues to awaken our part in creating our reality. It teaches us how we get caught up in drama, and how we play various parts: making assumptions, projecting, witnessing, and participating.

Wisdom builds step-by-step through the visions Kellough shares as she departs practical insights to awaken our senses. The Leap is a visionary guidebook. We learn how to get a “real life” by letting our divine nature out of the closet to share true spiritual integrity with others. We learn about blessing, true wealth, how to love ourselves, and the purpose of living in a body. We discover the power of intention, and how critical mass plays a part in the “Evolution of Consciousness into Matter.”

Once you learn, or perhaps relearn what The Leap offers, you can easily imprint this wisdom through thirty-six practices for being a conscious living example. If you are interested in experiencing a profound reality shift, then you will thoroughly enjoy reading The Leap as you go on to realign with the power of your intentions and discover how to have and share noble knowledge. I think a quote in the book really sums up an important realization.

“This is why the contents of some spiritual books have real transformative power, whereas others do not. Transformative books emerge from the authentic state of being that they are trying to bring to the awareness of their readers. As such, a transference takes place, as the writer’s Presence is carried through the words and extended to the reader, thereby awakening the reader to their own Presence.”

The Leap is an experiential book that offer you a gift of transformation. I wish to leave you with two questions: Are you ready for the critical mass of society on a whole to take a Reality Leap? Do you want to play a part in that Leap? Shifts do happen!

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