Vedic System for Gemstone Jewelry: Remedy for Shukra – Venus

Gemstones and jewelry based on the Vedic astrology system provides a way to enhance or heighten the effects of Shukra. Venus is lord of the eyes and this extends beyond the physical function to the ability of perception and artistic vision as well. Venus is also the ruler of the arts and his older associations are tied directly to the Muses of Greek legend.

The influence of Venus shows itself in a love of beauty and harmony. Those with a strong Venus are likely to appreciate nature and enjoy harmonious companionship. An excessive influence can cause one to indulge excessively in the pleasures of life without accomplishing much of real worth.

The Peacock, Parrot, Cow and Buffalo are all considered to be animals of Venus while the traditional food associated with him are Beans. He is naturally associated with femininity and all cultural affairs.


Bhrigu, Bhrigusuta, Ahpujit, Sita, Usanas (Ushanas), Vaitya, Kavya, Kavi, and Sukra or Shukra. Most traditional Vedic texts refer to Venus as Shukra.


Venus is the planet of sex, love and beauty. Venus tends to incline one to poetry, dancing, singing or performing. Luxury and indulgence fall under Venus as well as vehicles and the kidneys.


Gods of Hinduism traditionally associated with Venus are Shukra, Indra and Lakshmi. Lakshmi is worshipped widely in India due to her benefic influence. Some ascribe Vishnu to an aspect of Venus as well though it is not a majority opinion.

Southeast is considered the direction ruled by Venus while North gives her strength.

Venus took more than a passing role in the conflict between the Asuras and Devas. It is said that Venus is the guru of the Asuras since she has the ability to resuscitate those who fall in battle against the gods (Devas). It is interesting to note that Venus is known in Vedic literature as the only “god” capable of raising the dead.

Venus has another unique aspect worthy of mention and that is the eternal dispute between Venus and Jupiter. In Vedic legends this arose from a conflict that took place in remote legends, which has never been resolved.

Venus reaches full maturity in 25 years just as the prime of adulthood arrives.

Venus rules over the signs Taurus and Libra while her fall is in Virgo.

The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra designates Venus as a benefic.

Venus rules Fridays and all holidays which fall on Friday have a powerful association with her.

Venus is given the color “Variegated” in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Most traditional references assign her the color white and the metal Silver.

The planets Mercury and Saturn are considered friendly toward Venus while the Sun and Moon are both enemies. Jupiter and the rest are considered neutral. However, the legendary dispute between Jupiter and Venus leads one to believe this particular relationship might be somewhat antagonistic.

Venus is always associated with the element water though this is under the rulership of the Moon.

The Ayurvedic constitution for Venus is considered to be Kapha-Vata.


Entertainment, arts, beauty, pleasure, love affairs, dance, attachments to things, attraction to the opposite sex, capacity to enjoy life, care of one’s body, charm, feminine grace, diplomacy, design, aesthetics, comforts, enjoyments, conveyances, culture, delight, social situations, fortune, fame, generative system including ovaries and testes, fertility, happiness, illusion, infatuation, passion, immortality, inebriation, intoxication, hallucinogenic, kidneys, love, lust, romance, marriage, music, refinement, gems, wives, women, rainbows, worldliness and not renunciation.


The gemstone of Venus is well known. The Diamond is by far the primary stone but other have been considered acceptable substitutes including White Sapphire and in more recent times Zircon and Quartz. Regardless, the stone should be set in Silver or Platinum.

A jewelry and gemstone remedy for Venus based on Vedic Indian astrology may influence diseases of the sexual organs, infertility, laziness, vanity, sentimentality, vice and over indulgence, lack of taste, refinement, relationship problems in general and any type of problem in the love life or marriage.

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