Montana Institute of Massage Therapy – Kalispell and Billings, Montana

Montana Institute of Massage Therapy offers two Montana massage schools from which you can choose. The Billings facility is located in south central Montana while the Kalispell is in the northwestern corner of the state. Both facilities provide well-trained instructors and modern equipment and facilities so that you can become successful in this incredible profession.

This massage therapy institute in Montana allows daytime students to complete their training in as little as eight months. While evening classes are only available in Billings, those students who opt for night classes will earn their certificate in fifteen months.

A massage therapist career will allow you to work directly with people who may be experiencing pain, stiffness, tension and other health problems that can be alleviated through bodywork treatments. Because you will have an understanding of body mechanics and structure, you’ll be able to assess their concerns and choose the right therapies to help their bodies heal naturally.

There are many jobs, but few careers that provide the mental, physical and spiritual satisfaction as this natural health care field. People who are in pain will come seeking relief through your skills. Those who suffer from muscle stiffness and spasms will find that you can help them as well. Even clients with high blood pressure and/or poor circulation will see a vast improvement from the bodywork therapies you’ll provide.

More and more students are seeking training at Montana massage schools because of the increasing popularity of the therapies that are in such demand today. With the realization that many medications include risks and side-effects, alternative methods are being sought out and found to work effectively both in terms of improved health and significantly lower cost than other treatments.

After completing your studies at the Montana Institute of Massage Therapy, you’ll find employment in some wonderful workplace such as spas, resorts, five-star hotels, sports facilities, and holistic health clinics. You could elect to run your own business once you obtain your professional license.

Many of the therapies you will learn come from the Ancient healing arts. These treatments have proven effective for centuries and work just as well today. Even physicians and insurance companies have begun to realize how effective and compatible these techniques can be when used in conjunction with traditional medicine.

You’ll find a fascinating career awaiting you when you choose to train for a career at the Montana Institute of Massage Therapy. You’ll find friendly, concerned staff members waiting to provide you with any information you request.

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