Everest College in Bremerton, Washington

Washington massage schools can open the door to an exciting, lucrative future for you. You can attend Everest College, a known NW massage school where you can receive your therapeutic massage training.

The campus is located at 155 Washington Avenue, Suite 200. Bremerton, WA 98337.

By attending classes you will be fully prepared to enter the healing arts and begin your new career. Massage courses in Bremerton, WA at Everest College are a wise choice for this top-of-the-line institution will prepare you in every way to become successful once you graduate.

Today, natural health care options are experiencing greater popularity than ever before. This trend is expected to continue for years to come. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that a growth rate of up to thirty five percent is most likely in the next few years, because of the growing interest in natural healing modalities. There simply are not enough trained therapists to meet this growing need.

You can enter a career that will provide employment options and job security. You could even open your own massage clinic in the state of Washington once you complete your training and pass the state exam. You will gain personal satisfaction every day by helping people feel better. While doing something you love, you’ll also earn a good living.

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Massage Training Tip

Air Circulation and Fans: While you want your massage room to have a feeling of fresh air and good air circulation, you do not want to employ fans which are too loud and noisy or cause drafts and chills, which the client will not enjoy.

bodywork sessionIf your massage room is above a comfortable temperature for your client and you do not have a central air circulation system and must use fans, be sure they circulate around the edges of the room rather than flow directly onto the client. Also, choose a fan other than the ceiling fan, especially if your massage table is located below it. The central location and downward air flow often causes chills for the relaxing client if they are located in the direct path of a ceiling fan.

Remember, client comfort ensures repeat clients and referrals, so make the room as comfortable for the client rather than for yourself. If you are too warm, wear lighter weight clothing.

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