Beliefs in Lack and Limitation are Real Wealth Building Inhibitors

Did you realize that a belief in lack and limitation is a habit? It creates a trend of thinking which is likely to manifest as lack of money, job insecurity, lack of passion about life, and many other characteristics that go along with negative thinking on wealth and abundance. In metaphysics, a trend of negative thought on a given subject is very powerful. This is because a trend of thought qualifies as an attitude. Attitudes are a big deal in metaphysics, sort of like magic wands for manifestation because of the unconscious intentions fueling them.

How do we get past this? Like any effort in metaphysics, it requires careful attention to our inner dialog. Here's some examples of inner dialogue to be watchful for:

Nothing ever goes right

Of course, broke again

Nothing ever changes

I should have known it would screw up

I'm sure you can think of other examples from your own experience. These all reflect a dismal attitude of misery. Does that seem too harsh of a word? Misery is what it is. It's gloomy, apathetic and despairing. We tend to downplay the strength of these attitudes because we've surrounded ourselves with others who have accepted these attitudes as "just the way things are". You needn't.

How do you monitor these thoughts? To practice paying attention to them is the first step. As you become aware of them, counter them, immediately. I have friends who say to themselves, "cancel" when these thoughts come up. For myself, I used to imagine a large, old-fashioned rubber stamp. I would see that stamp coming down on the offending thought and marking it in red, "Bull". This effectively signaled my mind that this thought was not to be trusted. At first, this has to happen so often that it becomes tedious. Persist through it though, and you'll find yourself with a second wind and having to do it far less.

For prosperity destiny and vision try this abundance affirmation for releasing beliefs in a limiting universe so that you can build the wealth you desire:

"The universe is rich and abundant and can fulfill my needs."