Self and Guided Meditation Techniques: How to Meditate and Reviews on the Best Books

Read Reviews on some of the Best Meditation CD's, Courses, Books, and Products teaching best types of meditation for acheiving optimal benefits.

Read articles on meditating, and find several free meditations to help you in your meditation practice.

  1. Which Meditation Practice is Best for You?
  2. 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Meditation
  3. A Basic Lesson in Meditation Stages
  4. Why People Don't Succeed at Meditation - Tips for Meditating
  5. How to Meditate by Finding Your Center
  6. How to Meditate by Entering the Silence
  7. Meditation Method Through Opening the Heart
  8. Relaxation Techniques: Meditation on Non-Judgement
  9. Meditating for Manifestation
  10. Benefits of Meditation: Expanding Your Consciousness
  11. Techniques of Meditation: Creating a Safe Space
  12. Meditating by Focusing on Prana and Purification
  13. Meditation Techniques and the Near Death Experience
  14. Meditation Experiences: Questions about Meditating
  15. Breathe: Free Meditation for Increasing Breath Awareness
  16. Connecting with your Sacred Symbols - Free Meditation for Awakening and Filling Your Senses
  17. Free Meditation: Spark of Creation


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By Bobbie
2010-07-24 21:44:10

I have been regularly meditating, with the intention of openly communicating with my higher self, for about a year and a half. For about a month now, I have felt a gentle involuntary movement in my spine and head. Sometimes it is slow and rhythmic, other times it is fast and excited. This is not during meditation necessarily -- it happens while I meditate but also whenever I sit peacefully and feel happy. It is a very good feeling. It feels like love and energy. I really feel like it is my higher self communicating with me, however a part of me remains unsure. At times, I have wondered if my head is acting like as a pendulum. I cannot find a clear example of this on the Internet or in any of my books. Would anyone know if this is my higher self communicating with me? Also, should I be setting intentions during this movement? Or trying to receive clearer communication?

By Kirk
2010-07-24 21:45:50

Congratulations on your practice and learning. Yes, your movements could very well be signals from aspects of your being that used to reside outside of your "normal" conscious awareness. My suggestion is for you to set up yes/no "ideomotor" signals that your conscious mind absolutely trusts. For example, pendulum and muscle testing methods *can* work, but they are very susceptible to influence from the conscious aspects of being. My preferred method is to work with a skilled clinical hypnotherapist is is adept at setting up yes/no ideomotor finger signals and utilizing other hypnotic phenomenon. I used this method for hundreds of my clients, and it worked really well for the purposes I stated above.

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