Spiritual Growth: Can You Handle More Good?

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

How much good can you handle? No, really, I'm serious. The answer I usually get is, "Everything I want." But if you could deal with more good, you'd already have it. There was a time that I'd get panicky whenever I tried to imagine lots of good flowing into my life. I had all sorts of fears about it. Fears such as if I had more good, I must be taking it from someone else, or that something bad would happen, or someone would take it from me. Allowing more good is an action of spiritual growth.

I know I'm not alone in this. Many of my clients get scared of the changes they go through, even when they want the improvements. When a person shifts from one reality to another, other areas in their lives have to adjust as well. Transformation doesn't just affect one part of a person's life. It impacts everything, from their self-concept to their relationships with others. Small wonder that so many of us have difficulty evolving and accepting more good.

Many people want improved lives without giving up the very attitudes that have them stuck where they don't want to be. Joe comes to see me in my hypnotherapy practice, wanting to be a nonsmoker without having to give up cigarettes. Although Kathy wants her spouse to stop taking her for granted, she refuses to set boundaries. All of his life, Jack has wanted to be wealthy, but he thinks that everyone who's rich is a crook.

Once these people decide that what they want is more important than holding onto old concepts, shift happens. A stronger decision has been made, and the subconscious mind accepts the most dominant idea. As soon as a desire becomes more influential than the past, a person begins to move in the direction of that desire. They're willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. If it means letting go of cigarettes, taking the risk of saying "no," or releasing erroneous ideas, then they're willing to do whatever it takes to improve their lives.

So examine how you feel about your desires. How are you limiting them? What conditions are you placing on them? And what's more important, your good or the familiar? Look within to discover how and why you're restricting the good you want. When you stop limiting your good, then your spiritual growth will lead you to experience it.

Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known hypnotherapist, writer, speaker and leads seminars on empowerment and stress reduction. You can visit her web site at www.cedarfire.com.

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