Consciousness of Christ - Part 1

As we enter the holiday season, a new look at the meaning behind it is in order. Christ consciousness is an important concept, not only in traditional Christianity, but in metaphysical practice.

Although the distinction isn't always acknowledged in some religions, we find it valuable to separate the beingness of Jesus of Nazareth from Jesus Christ. As was often stated, Jesus was a man, a human being like anyone of us. The Christ however, is evidently a different sort of thing altogether.

When one has studied a variety of religious and philosophical practices, it becomes evident that the same religious or spiritual experience has occurred multi-denominationally, regardless of how the belief is worded. Frequently, the terms are very similar, and the description of the experience becomes undeniably identical to that described in other belief systems. So it is with Christ Consciousness.

The term was expounded on by the Christian mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and comparative ideas enumerated by Sri Aurobindo. The Gaia theory is contained within it, and "Cosmic Consciousness" is another way of stating it.

"I am not a human being having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience." In Christ Consciousness we experience life, not as a body or as an element in the physical world, but as something distinct from it, yet permeating all of it. This consciousness does not include any idea of separation, but instead, of unity. There is a sense of connectedness to All That Is.

In scientific terms, this state of consciousness is speculated to be something that we're evolving into, that there is a layer of consciousness or mind surrounding the earth which makes up the Gaia mind.

This is the unifying consciousness which Jesus Christ was famous for, the concept which makes cold hard sense out of the idea that loving one's fellow man is a survival trait. After all, if we are all connected at some level, if instead of being a multiplicity of entities, we are actually only one, then anything other than love is suicide.

The inner self and the Christ Light are also One. In meditation when one goes deeply within, is the time when connection with the Christ Consciousness is most likely to occur. When we lose our focus on our physical bodies, on the environment, and just experience an awareness of being, we have dropped the barriers to oneness.

According to some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of our time, this awareness is the next step in human consciousness. In true Aquarian style, we will be existing in a state of brotherhood and Oneness.

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