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Reflexology Training Programs

If you are considering attending one of the holistic reflexology training schools you will soon discover the powerful benefits your clients will experience with this healing art. Reflexology is a powerful system that can stand by itself, and is a perfect add on skill for any massage therapy practitioner.

Based upon the specific reflex points in the feet, hand and ears which correspond to organs and glands in the body, reflexology schools teach you when the points are to be pressed upon and what therapeutic results to expect. This healing art has been used for centuries to promote a deep sense of relaxation and to help the body heal itself naturally.

Upon completeing a reflexology program in Arizona you become eligible for the American Certification Reflexology Board Exam (ACRB) to become a Board Certified Reflexologist. Check with your state to see what requirements you must meet prior to enrolling in the school of your choice.

There are also advanced programs which take your skills to the next level. Reflexology is becoming an in-demand healing art due to it powerful nature. If you would like to experiment you can download a free Reflexology foot chart while you are researching the right school or training program in your area. More holistic healing schools are offering reflexology along with massage therapy training.