Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Linda Goodman's sun sign was the first astrology book I ever read, and was the one that kindled an interest in astrology for me and many of my friends. Sun sign astrology was the easiest to understand. Never was there a more precise and seemingly accurate book on the market, and I often spent hours charting and finding out the answers to questions regarding the state of my (possible) future, why the boy I liked didn't even know I was alive, why I had so many problems getting along with some people.

Linda Goodman horoscopes are still the last word in astrology for the beginner. The book, along with Linda Goodman Love Signs, should be on the bookshelf of anyone who ever wanted to study the science and art of astrology.

Written very simply, the chapters go in order from Aries to Pisces, outlining everything from how to spot each sign based on the characteristics to individual and specific characteristics of the man, woman, child, employee and employer associated with each sun sign. In these sections you will learn how to sooth the Taurus child whose teething, discipline the rambunctious Sagittarius son without breaking their spirit (or their butt), or how to get along with the Pisces boss (you are wondering how they got in that position in the first place, and often so are they.) I especially liked the thought that Aries was the baby of the zodiac, concerned only with themselves ultimately, when I first picked this book up, as it instantly explained a lot about my most recent ex husband! (Later I found Linda Goodman Love Signs, and learned even more.)

This is quite possibly the most basic and simplest book on the subject of sun sign astrology, and certainly the foremost authority on the subject. Goodman does not go into the moon (or lunar) aspects of one's chart, the houses, trines, or nodes, but does discuss the ruling planets associated with each sun sign. I do find it fun that this world famous astrologer does give a great physical description of each of the signs so you can learn how to guess with a fair amount of accuracy the sign of the person brushing up against you on the bus. (Bad Scorpio, sit down!)