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Vedic Astrology Lesson Two: The Role of Mars the Planet Through the Houses of the Zodiac

By G. Kumar

Planet Mars incluences act as the Defense Minister in the Government of the Almighty. On the practical plane this fiery planet is the significator of administrative ability. If the fire of Mars is not present in the natal chart, the native will be a dreamer, lacking in the practical brilliance needed for success.

The term martial is derived from Mars. Police,defense, martial arts - all these come under his domain. Fiery temparament and skill in war are the prerogatives of Mars. If he be exalted in one's horoscope, the native will become a cruel ruler (as in Emperor Nero's horoscope).

The Planet Mars - Martian Effects in the 12 Houses

Mars in the Ascendant

Mars in the Ascendant makes anger-prone and fiery. May have suffered some wounds in the body. Wont have much longevity. Will be suffering from one ailment or the other. Will be fickle-minded. Will be adventurous and cruel.

Mars in the Second House

Will have less wealth. Less education also. Will be serving people who are evil. Will be argumentative. This position of Mars is not good from the perspective of wealth and learning. All malefic planets in the second are adverse for wealth.

Mars in the Third House

Will be very adamantine. Will be very adventurous and will be the enjoyer of wealth, fame and all sorts of comforts. Will be versatile. Will have good longevity. Will have a tendency to go against Ethics and Morality.

Mars in the Fourth House

Will be devoid of relatives, houses, landed properties, maternal happiness and conveyances. Will be subject to the influence of women. Will be mentally tortured all the time.

Mars in the Fifth House

Will be devoid of sons, comforts and wealth.Will face a lot of calamities and will be slightly famous. Will be fickle- minded. Will go against Ethics and Morality. Will be adventurous and anger-prone.

Mars in the Sixth House

Will have a sound physique and good health. Will be the vanquisher of enemies in the battle field. Wont have much fear in the mind. Will have tremendous lust, fame and regal status.

Mars in the Seventh House

Will be indulging in unethical acts. Will be devoid of marital happiness. Will be quarrelsome. Will be afflicted by many a disease. Life partner will also be afflicted. Will be cruel-hearted.

Mars in the Eighth House

Will be afflicted in the body and mind. Will be devoid of wealth. Will have less longevity. Will have less Dharma and Ethics in the mind.

Mars in the Ninth House

Will go against father and will be violent. Will harass people. Will be a lover of the Occult . Will have occult power.

Mars in the Tenth House

Will have regal status. Will be very adventurous and enthusiastic. Will be revered by the good. Will have good sons, fame and wealth.

Mars in the Eleventh House

Will have sons, wealth, comforts, prosperity, virility and determination. Will have a lot of subordinates. Will be truly versatile. Will have the gift of the gab or the divine gift of articulate speech.

Mars in the Twelfth House

Will have affliction to the eyes. Will be lazy. Will suffer economic loss. May have to undergo incarceration. Will be sorrowful and health will be adversely affected. Will be miserly.

In summary the active influences of planet Mars signifies a drive toward success versus passiveness and lack of concentration.

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