Escaping the Illusion's Web: You and the Universe from a Higher Perspective - Part Three of Five

The second lesson of this message is more of a challenge for us to deliver. We are bound by the Law of Free Will to not give you definitive information that would cause you to change your thinking or take action based solely on our words. Yet you have offered such a collective plea to know why so many humans - especially the Light Workers, Starseeds, and Wanderers who came to serve - are experiencing major challenges right now that we would be refusing the expression of your Free Will if we did not respond.

Let us simply say: You are not who you think you are, nor are your planet and its solar system what you think they are. You see yourself as biochemical entities, possessing minds and varying degrees of consciousness. By and large, you still act by the herd instinct, seeking consensus and the comfort of like-minded viewpoints. This has further separated you from each other by dividing you into collective identities such as religion, nationality, sex, race, profession, social and financial status, and scores of additional markers.

You also perceive yourself as masters of an inanimate planetary sphere over which you, by sanction of divine decree, have the right of ownership and exploitation. The Earth's sister planets appear to be merely inert pieces of rock, ice, and gas with only remote possibilities of harboring rudimentary life. And space is nothing more than a near-empty vacuum through which solar systems and their mother-ship galaxies hurtle away from each other at blinding speeds as a result of a big bang that occurred some 13.7 - 20 billion years ago.

You believe all this because you cling to a reality that you can observe and measure. The visible dimensions of your world "prove" that objects and people are separate from each other and that they exist in a linear, cause-and-effect world within discernable fields of space and time. This is the universe as observed through the distortive filters of your illusion and from behind the Veil of Forgetting. It is not the universe we perceive.

For us, time collapses into the infinite instant, and space is merely the implicate of separation, which dissolves with the realization of the Law of One. But presenting information to you in such terms is like a theoretical physicist delivering a lecture on advanced quantum mechanics to a nursery school playroom. We say this not in condescension but to underscore the difficulty of using the linear reality of words to describe phenomena that lie outside their realm. The best we can achieve is an approximation close enough to trigger a dormant memory. You will know if this message is meant for you. If it is not, feel free to ignore our words entirely.

From our perspective, all Creation is conscious. It is not that God (to use that term in the broadest sense of All That Is) is in all things. God is all things. There is nothing manifest or potential which is not God. When you perceive an object or formulate a thought, you are encountering or producing a point of Creation where the Love/Light energy has been sufficiently slowed or focused to assume manifest expression.

If you extend this concept to embrace the entire vastness of the universe, then galaxies and solar systems, comets and asteroid belts become simply portions of space in which the consciousness of spiraling Love/Light has become manifest. There is no such thing as empty space - all of creation is infused with consciousness. It does not have to be made manifest in order to exist. In fact, the areas where the concentration of consciousness is greatest, at the center of every galaxy, are invisible. (Your scientists call these black holes and mistakenly attempt to explain them solely in physical terms.) Nor is space homogeneous. That is to say, it is not the same throughout. There are vast fields of concentrated energies radiating from the central sun (the black hole) at each galactic center that extend out into space like gigantic spokes. Taking your Milky Way galaxy as an example, all 100 billion stars that make up this particular cluster, together with their attendant planets, sweep through these energetic beams at predetermined intervals.

Your solar system is no exception. When you move through one of these fields, extraordinary events always occur. This is precisely what has caused all of the unexplained sudden evolutionary shifts on Earth. Your scientists will never find the so-called missing link between ape and man because there isn't one. The shift occurred suddenly as the DNA of a lesser species "jumped" to a higher configuration. There are many little-reported experiments by your scientists that can replicate this feat in the laboratory.

This not an argument for creationists over evolutionists, because both of them are equally right and wrong. What neither of them has appreciated is that God is all things. There is no part of Creation that is not conscious - no matter how inanimate or insignificant it may appear to human perception. And any portion of Creation as it moves through and interacts with one of these fields of concentrated consciousness has the opportunity to evolve significantly.

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Jean-Claude Koven is a Rancho Mirage, CA based writer and speaker. He is the author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, the Allbooks Reviews editor's choice for the best metaphysical book of 2004. For more information, please visit: