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Consciousness of Christ - Part 2

Christ Consciousness is the awareness level of miracles. This is what Jesus Christ is most famous for, and when we speak of Christ Consciousness we're looking at that capacity, to be able to create miracles, be a channel for them, or have the awareness to comprehend them.

As mentioned in Part I of this series, when we're in the state of Christ Consciousness, we are not relying on the physical world or material rules. This is the key to the matter. At this level of awareness, we know ourselves as spiritual beings, unified with all life and senior to the physical world. We are co-creators with life, not the pawns of it.

In metaphysics the Christ Consciousness is tremendously helpful in manifesting or creating our reality. From this perspective we can let go of ideas that positive change is impossible, we can accept the experience of a loving and generous Deity and there is a much more powerful ability to visualize and affirm.

I've often written of the nature of metaphysics, that this describes the laws of physics which are more Einsteinian in nature, rather than Newtonian. We are finding that mental energy has a powerful effect on matter and that this can be scientifically proven. Perhaps we are approaching that level in science where we can see the experience of Christ Consciousness as well. In the higher levels of particle physics, we see that if we can let go of the idea of objects being solid and immutable, and instead understand that that they are made up only of particles or waves of energy, they will seem far more flexible to us. Then we can understand more clearly how our mental state can influence these particles or waves.

I understand this situation as a "backing up", getting a different perspective, detaching or becoming objective to ordinary physical experience. A hint: this cannot be done if you believe that you are a body. A brain or a skull cannot step back from the physical universe because they are part of it. A spirit or a soul most certainly can.

This is probably why those who intentionally or by accident have experienced astral projection or near-death are so transformed. Having irrefutable subjective proof that one is not their body has quite an impact on the perspective of human experience.

When one is at the awareness of Christ Consciousness, the act of knowing that a particular phenomenon can occur on the physical plane is pretty easy. Thus, it can be envisioned and an affirmative statement about it can be made which has no doubt in it. This goes a long way towards ensuring manifestation.

Perhaps most important though, is the connection of the heart and soul. This is the place in which we can really release any sense of unworthiness, despair, unlovability, etc. When we can know our connection with all of life, know that we are the spiritual creations of an omnipotent Power, a big knot can be released from the soul. All those negative judgements about the self are of the material world and by those who might find it useful to keep others subjugated to it. But at the level of Christ Consciousness, there really is only love, acceptance and forgiveness. After all, if we're all connected, all One, One with the Supreme, then there is no possible validity to negative judgements.

If you'll remember, Jesus Christ had very little to say about sin. He had a whole lot to say about love. He tried to live his live to be an example of what was possible for everyone, and to show that he was no different from anyone else. Try looking at his teachings in the context of metaphysical Christ Consciousness. You may find that some of it takes on a whole new meaning.

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