Benefits of Visualization and Affirmations: Shakti Gawain Teaches How to Create Your Own

An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so. --Shakti Gawain

When it comes to the benefits of visualization and the power of affirmations, Shakti Gawain is the leader in the field.

One of the first people to literally write the book on the subject, Shakti's work has been around inspiring and directing people to a higher plane of consciousness for decades.

Over 25 years ago, Shakti Gawain's book 'Creative visualization' became one of the foremost books on the subject of the power of manifesting the things that you desire in your life through guided imagery, visualizing it coming to fruition, and the necessity to only ask for the desires that would bring you to a higher plane of enlightenment.

Today her concepts have blossomed into many books on the subject of guided imagery and visualization. Her website contains ten books on spirituality and enlightenment, a host of CD's and audio tapes, and workbooks designed to make your desires become realities, as long as you have the right motives.

Shakti Gawain is big on proper motives. Shallow minds and greediness have no place in the creative visualizations and positive affirmations taught in her books, teaching to imagine you becoming everything that you are capable of becoming instead of just "asking for money.'' Gawain's workbooks will lead you to self discovery, a better and more productive you and the result is that you become employable or better suited to gain the money or material things that you think you need. However, the further along the path you walk, the less you find that you need material things to make you happy. At the time it was a radical concept for westerners.

If your line of thinking is just the opposite and you have a propensity for sabotaging financial or other material success, Gawain's workbooks will also help you let go of the guilt or shame that is keeping you from achieving that goal as well.

Create Your Own Affirmations: A Creative Visualization Kit

This kit contains a beautifully packaged boxed set that contains everything you need to create your own affirmations. After first learning what the best suited affirmations are for you, the kit allows you to express yourself and get as positive and creative as you can, and the results are amazing.

For anyone who picked up the original book over 25 years ago, this boxed set will take you back to revisit the original principles of visualization healing, with a slightly more modern update.

The kit contains a guidebook, journal, 25 affirmation cards, and 25 affirmation cards of illustrations. Revisited from the first book are titles such as "how to visualize," a section totally devoted to creating affirmations, and a caution that they only work for good, including affirmations for love, which are not designed to ''make someone fall in love with you," but to recreate and prepare yourself to be capable and self confident enough to draw that kind of person into your life.

Affirmations are about preparing you to accept good things into your environment, not to manipulate the world around you. Change must come from within.

Shakti Gawain has proven that the techniques she teaches work. Trusting your intuition and then acting on that inner truth will bring about positive changes.

Check out Shakti's books on positive affirmations and benefits of visualization, you have nothing to lose and another plane of existence to gain.

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