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Institute of Beauty and Massage - Bryan College Station, Texas

If you want to obtain your massage training from a well respected massage school, Texas offers Institute of Beauty and Massage in Bryan College Station, Texas. The massage training you will receive in College Station will open the door into the exciting world of massage therapy.

Many massage therapy schools provide a single training program in this in-demand field. This massage program at this fine school provides a choice between four differenct specialized programs. You begin with the Clark Comprehensive 500-hour program and then select the Specialization Certification™ Program that best suits your massage training needs.

You can choose between:

* Spa Massage - One of the fastest growing fields provides skills for a variety of spa techniques.
* Sports Massage - Work with athletes and active people of all ages, including sports teams.
* Clinical Pain Management - Help alieviate pain from ailments like backaches, TMJ, and other syndromes that cause chronic pain.
* Childbearing and Infant Massage: Perfect education for working in hospitals, birthing centers, and supporting women and infants during this special time.

Because the Institute of Beauty and Massage is a leader in the field of professional training, upon graduation, you will find your employment options exciting and lucrative. Whether your dream is to work in a hospital or on a cruise ship, or with a sports team, or expecting mothers and infants you will graduate with the knowledge and skills to allow your entry into a specialized career working in one of these exciting work locations.