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Deep Trance Now: Spirit and Mind Hypnosis for Going Within to Live Beyond your Greatest Expectations

A licensed professional in the world of spirit and mind hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Dr. Laura De Giorgio managed to capture my attention on her Deep Trance Now web site. Considering the volume of web pages that I scan in a day’s time, that was quite an accomplishment. I was struck by the idea that, “If you don't care to take control of your mind, others will do their best to do it for you.” Having felt slightly “out of control” as of late, this seemed like a good site for me to surf in more detail.

De Giorgio believes that hypnosis is a blend of both art and science that arises from the interconnectedness of everything and the ways in which we can “play the game” and alter our personal experience of reality. We can keep listening to the outside forces that tell us what we should think and feel or we can program the messages in our own mind that we would like to make into our experience of this life. De Giorgio speaks from experience; this is a woman who has experienced everything from being a casino dealer to working in several foreign embassies.

To help us with such “mind programming,” Dr. De Giorgio offers a wide range of products for sale on her web site of mind development hypnosis products. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of books discussing hypnosis, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, healing, sexuality, shamanism, alchemy, metaphysics, and spirituality. A description of each book is included, as well as a link to purchase it, which makes for a very user-friendly web site. There are also CDs featuring hypnotic trance music for purchase.

However, the focus of the web site is on the various CDs and MP3s that De Giorgio offers for sale. Do you like to set aside specific time to “improve your mind” and the quality of your life? Then choose a hypnosis CD or MP3 that requires your active participation and concentration. Do you lead a busy life? You can listen to subliminal, supraliminal, or supraliminal plus CDs or MP3s that allow you to go about your daily activities while listening and you can still enjoy the benefits that your mind is receiving from the messages that are being delivered directly to your subconscious mind.

Unsure of what all of that means? Don’t worry. You don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or Ericksonian hypnosis to feel at home on this web site. De Giorgio does a great job of explaining the difference between the various techniques used.

You can even choose a CD or MP3 for a specific issue that you might be dealing with. Focus on healing, stopping addictions like smoking, mental and emotional well being, accelerated learning, creative expression, enhanced personal performance, peak sports performance, physical image enhancement, seduction/sexual attraction/relationships, sexual health and enhancement for both men and women, financial abundance, becoming lucky while gambling, and last but not least, spiritual growth and alchemical transformation.

All of the various CDs and MP3s are enhanced with brainwave synchronization, an amazing technology that assists you in gaining the maximum receptivity to the messages that your subconscious mind is being sent. They’re even available in several different languages including Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

I really liked the fact that De Giorgio not only provides a section on describing the different types of hypnosis CDs and MP3s that she offers, but she also goes into great detail to help you figure out which types of hypnosis products are best for you. No need to be an expert in the field, just a desire to be a willing student in the world of self-hypnosis.

As if that isn't enough, you can even find downloadable hypnosis scripts eBooks on topics ranging from relaxation and stress management to increasing your height. You will also find weight loss hypnosis scripts! While you’re touring around this web site, you might as well read a few of the free articles about hypnotherapy, spirituality, and alchemy, learn a new word from the hypnosis dictionary, and get a laugh from the free hypnosis comics.

To learn more about these excellent hypnosis resources, visit > Deep Trance Now

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