Astrology Charts and the Astrological Houses

Joan of ArcAt the left you'll see a blank chart (it's Joan of Arc's, by the way). Note the horizontal line that divides it in half. This represents the horizon at birth. Directly below that line on the left side is the 1st House. As you continue counterclockwise, you get 2nd House, 3rd House, etc.

This is important because it's one of the major factors that tells the astrologer how this individual is different from others born that same day. Each planet is deposited in one of these houses and is given a unique "flavor" by being positioned there instead of somewhere else.

In medieval western astrology, these "slices of the pie" were called "houses" to represent the different areas of life. They can be accurately shown only when the time of day and location of birth are given.

Below is a list of the different houses pertaining to an astrology chart and the "flavor" they impart to any planet inside of it. Since we exist in all the compartments of life, the fact that you have one or more empty houses in your chart, doesn't mean you have no life there. We also pay attention to the sign on the cusp of the house. The house cusp is the line that separates one house from another in a chart and is important in it's own right.


Ruling Planet


1st House


The identity we wish to project to the world. What we assert. Ego.

2nd House


Personal resources, money, assets, etc. Personal values. Our substance.

3rd House


Conscious mind. Siblings. Neighbors. Communication.

4th House


Roots. Childhood. Emotional nature. Nurturing parent.

5th House


Vitality. Playfulness, gambling, games. Romance. Children.

6th House


Employment. Health. Service to others.

7th House


Partnerships. Relating to others. Contracts.

8th House


Passion. Birth, death, taxes. Core issues of life.

9th House


Travel. Philosophy. Expansion.

10th House


Career. Obligations. How we are seen by others.

11th House


Friendship. Groups. Goals. Our uniqueness.

12th House


Dreams. Denial. Unconscious, subconscious, superconscious