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Numerology and Sacred Geometry: Wizards of Wall Street: Part 3 of 3

Now we can examine another charting aspect, not only are TIME turning points chartable, but it is also possible to determine the important probability of stopping and forming a top or bottom with PRICE levels. This shows where the market will have a high. You do this by determining the midpoint between a previous recent major top and bottom. Then this midpoint will then form a support or resistance to the price action.

Now it is possible to mark this point in advance on a chart and then you can watch to see when the price reaches this point. If it starts to turn at this price level (especially if we have a turning point in time as well, as discussed above), then a potential trade is possible. There are also many other techniques you can use besides the "50% retracement" method just described, for determining when a subject will hit key price levels.

In truth, there are a huge number of powerful techniques available for charting both price and time. Using these principles it is possible to be well prepared for anything the market might decide to do. There are many traders who work one hundred percent with these techniques using no other means to pace the market. They forgo keeping up on the news and pay no attention to the press and other means of stock prediction. They don't turn on their TV to watch CNN. Nor do they care what the economists are forecasting. It does not matter to them what historical events are making history. All that matters to them is the price action, and what their esoteric indicators and signals are telling them. What is important to know is many of these traders do extremely well.

Their is a very valuable lesson to draw from this knowledge. Esoteric wisdom has many practical applications. These esoteric systems are actually measurable in a quantitative manner. The same divine symmetries enshrined in the pyramids and temples of Ancient Egypt are alive and active in the world today, in ways that still defy exact scientific explanation. It is exciting to know that the esoteric numbers and ratios, discovered and revered millennia ago, are truly present in our world today.

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