Vedic Astrology Lesson One: The Role of Jupiter the Planet in the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac

By G. Kumar

The biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is considered to be one of the most important planets. 1300 earths can be fit into Jupiter. He is the indicator of Divine Grace and if he be benign, the entire horoscope is considered benign. On the other hand, if he be weak, the horoscope loses its intrinsic strength.

Facts on Jupiter - Effects in the 12 Houses

Jupiter in the Ascendant

Jove in the Ascendant makes one scholarly, beautiful, jovial. Jovian influence on the First House endows one with majestic appearance, magnetic personality, learning and wisdom. High longevity is conferred by Jovian presence in the First. Scholarship will grace in no uncertain measure. Will be respected by the multitude. Will be handsome and will have a high discriminative intellect.

Jupiter in the Second House

In the second Jove bestows poetic faculites, handsomeness, wealth and fame. Will have the gift of the gab or the divine gift of articulate speech. Will speak beautifully. Will have scholarship and learning. The wisdom planet in the house of speech makes one scholarly.

Jupiter in the Third House

Jove in the 3rd makes one miserly and not an altruist. Will have to face many a defeat. Will have bad relations with brothers and sisters. Will be the subject of ridicule. Will have stomach problems.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

Jovian tenancy of the fourth makes one hedonistic with a lot of friends and relatives. Will be fortunate with respect to house. Your fame will cross the seas and spread all over the land. Will be of adamantine nature. Will enjoy all the comforts of life.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

High intelligence is conferred by the position of Jupiter in the fifth. Wealth will grace you in no uncertain measure. May be worried due to children. Will be versatile. Jupiter in one of the moral triangles can make one highly moral and spiritual.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

Jove in the sixth is the destroyer of enemies. Will be lazy and physically weak. May resort to occult rites.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

Will be equivalent to a king as the royal planet of Wisdom becomes posited in a quadrant. Will destroy a lakh of afflictions. Will have high communication ability. Scholarly, a lover of poetry, handsome, will be more liberal than the father, famous with good life-partner and children-these are the effects of a benign Jove in the seventh.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

This adverse postion of Jupiter makes one dependent on others, will do sinful acts, will have high longevity, will be well liked by all, will do jobs on behalf of others, will be highly determined & will be interested in base women.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

Jovian tenancy of the Ninth makes one highly spiritual. Will have devotion to preceptors, will be scholarly and well informed, will be of ministerial cadre, will be famous & will be highly moral and ethical.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

This benign position of Jupiter makes one well off in life. Will be equivalent to a lord, will be famous with comforts, vehicles and children, will be virtuous, scholarly and fortunate.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

Jupiter well posited in the eleventh makes one highly determined, scholarly with good longevity, with multiple streams of income, famous and with a lot of conveyances.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

In the adverse 12th, Jupiter makes one devoid of happiness, sons & fortune. Earlier wealth gets destroyed. Will be lacking in funds most of the time. Will be lazy and will lack proper education. Will be ridiculed by many. Will have dubious character.

In summary the facts on Jupiter and it's influences on the twelve houses points to strengths and weaknesses to help you better understand indivudal horoscopes.

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