New Moon Calander Report for Capricorn: Setting Goals and Reaching the Mountaintop

The new moon power of Capricorn teaches up about climbing the mountain. Capricorn is one of the four cardinal zodiac signs, the others being Aries, Cancer, and Libra. I think of the cardinal signs as a kind of cosmic "skeleton", providing an essential spiritual structure to each person's chart. Like a real skeleton, each of these signs form an anchor within a person's life. The first cardinal sign, Aries, starts with the sense of affirming the ego or life force within us; of one's right to exist and be oneself. Cancer, natural ruler of the fourth house, deals with a person's emotional security and feelings of being nurtured and safe. Libra, which is the natural ruler of the seventh house, explores a person's ability to establish and maintain balanced yet meaningful relationships with others. Ccapricorn, the natural ruler of the mid-heaven or tenth house, brings the ability to interact with and find a place within the world or society at large.

Capricorn has a pretty major role to play as an icnfluence in each of our charts, and at the time when we experience it's new moon power we have a wonderful opportunity to learn about how to set and reach realistic goals for ourselves--goals that describe how we envision our interaction within the world. With this in mind, I feel inspired to discuss with my readers a little bit about the process of setting goals.

New Moon Power of Capricorn Helps Us See The "Big Picture"

Capricorn is the astrological sign that can easily see the "big picture", and because of this exceptional ability, is able to stay focused on long-term goals.

Before setting long-term goals, it's good to try and see the big picture of your life. There is no sense setting totally unrealistic personal goals. It is also a good idea not to have too many goals at once. What we want is the possibility of achieving something that is meaningful as well as achievable for us. Try to take stock of what your abilities and interests are as well as any realistic constraints that you may face. Also take stock of your greater potential and weaknesses that can be overcome. Overcoming a weakness can become a goal within itself.

Your Dreams are a Starting Point for Accessing the Power of Capricorn

If you do have lofty goals or wonderfully inspiring dreams (which may or may not be unrealistic), see these as an inspiration that you are giving to yourself. These dreams may provide you with useful information about yourself and they serve as a starting point. Your dreams, though perhaps far-fetched, can serve the purpose of pointing you in a wonderful new direction!

Don't be afraid to dream when thinking of the big picture. For example, you may dream of becoming the President of the United States, but may instead actually run for local political office ... or president of the school board. Some people benefit from remembering dreams they had about themselves as a child. See your dreams as the beginning step in your goal-setting journey. Under the influence of the past new moon in Sagittarius, we had a good taste of this. Let your imagination and your feelings give you suggestions on which direction your soul is calling you to fulfill. This can apply to your personal as well as career ambitions. Once you have a direction (or even a few directions), start to formulate some long-term goals that are achievable. These goals, while resonating strongly with your dreams, are at the same time "do-able"!

With Capricorn's New Moon Power Each Goal We Set is a Mountaintop

I like to think (in Capricornian terms) of each long-term goal as a personal mountain that each of us decides to climb. Capricorn is symbolized as the Mountain Goat. This creature very carefully climbs up the mountain until he or she reaches its summit. This goat knows where it's headed (in this case the mountaintop) and never takes its eyes off of the goal. Capricorn doesn't run uphill in blind enthusiasm (that's OK for Aries). This creature doesn't stay still and find a comfortable niche nestled in the hills and stop climbing, as would Taurus. This creature doesn't jump playfully from mountain to mountain (leave that trick to Gemini). Our goat doesn't even stop on the mountainside to count all the little blades of grass (leave that detailed task to Virgo)!

Capricorn takes slow and steady steps up the mountain until his or her goal is achieved. There may be all kinds of setbacks along the way, but Capricorn wins its objective of climbing to the mountaintop out of sheer hard work, patience, unwavering focus, and persistence. Capricorn wins every race among all the astrological signs even though it's the slowest (and least understood) one.

Capricorn New Moon Facts Teach Us About Breaking Down Goals Into Steps

For me, the hardest part about setting long-term goals is breaking them down into small steps, or short-term goals. Sometimes it's helpful to make lists. The first list may consist of a few long-term goals, ones that can take several years to accomplish. What could follow this are the short-term goals or even the smaller steps needed, all of which reflect back to the original long-term goals. Breaking things down in this way can really help you to stay on track, but it takes some work on your part. The other very challenging part is figuring out what you need to know about your goal in order to set effective short-term goals. It may be important to seek out mentors or information to help you understand all angles and possibilities of a possible new direction in your life that you want to explore. Only when you have specific information can you really establish goals that you can focus on.

Saturn - The Reality Tester

Consider the ruler of Capricorn: Saturn. Saturn is considered a tough taskmaster to many, but actually this planet is only a reality tester. Saturn requires that your actions and plans endure the test of actually trying them out in the real world. These plans or actions may take a long time to achieve, but once they do, your success will be greater than you ever imagined and your results will endure! These results come about through a commitment to hard work and practical application of your efforts. Even very lofty goals can be achieved this way, through slow but steady progress, proceeding one step at a time. The main idea is to decide on a goal and stick to it (that's often the difficult part), and each day perform at least one constructive action towards that goal. Believe it or not, without the influence of Capricorn nothing would ever be accomplished in this world!

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