New Moon Table Report for Sagittarius: Expanding Limitations and Seeking a Higher Power

The New Moon power of Sagittarius focuses on finding inner truth. Sagittarius is the sign that encourages us to be honest with ourselves, expand our horizons as we strive to embrace the truth. Last month Scorpio's influence started this process when we began to see how we create our own patterns in our life. Self-mastery meant self-control and taking ownership of ourselves and responsibility for our actions. With this stirring up of our psyches (as Scorpio loves to do), we are now ready to see how our own patterns of behavior and ingrained beliefs can create our individual realities. If you can change some worn-out beliefs or ways of seeing the world, your ideas on what is "true" for you can begin to shift in ways that can bring you more hope and more abundance. Sagittarius gives us a fresh new, and hopeful outlook.

Sagittarius' Influence Helps Us See Past Our Limitations

Sagittarius' bold and positive influence can help us find new adventures in life and new avenues to explore. As we open up our minds, seeing past our own limitations, we start to realize how abundant the universe actually is. Often we limit ourselves in the present by bringing to it fears from past painful experiences. This is the time when we can begin to explore how letting go of some of our defense mechanisms can lift the blockage to a fuller and more fulfilling life. Defense mechanisms are only useful at the time of a traumatic event. Unfortunately, they tend to persist on a subconscious level long after the threatening event took place. Defenses often become part of our personalities and act as a filter for the way we perceive life's events. They block out the truth. These are blockages that are so habitual that they actually feel "normal". However, "habitual" is often a far cry from "optimal".

I came across a wonderful example of this on the web. I was very inspired by a story that a writer named Beth Levine wrote on Beliefnet. In her article about working in a woman's shelter when encountering a rather unsavory, scary looking young woman and overcoming her fears about her, she writes, "How wide is the world when we choose to let it in." She was able to find out that this person wasn't scary, but frightened and vulnerable herself. Within this experience the author allowed herself the ability to look past her own fears, pre-conceived notions, and defenses to see the humanity in others. With an experience like this, of going a little past our own comfort zones and beliefs, so much more abundance becomes possible in her life. This possibility exists for all of us.

Defense Mechanisms Act as a Filter Which Blocks Out the "Light!"

Defense mechanisms are a filter through which we view the world. They can block out the objective truth. They are usually merely a habit based on fear. Just trying to let one go can be very liberating. It's like letting light into your life. Light is what makes it possible for our eyes to see. Once you realize how defenses shut out possibilities for you, it's a wonderful challenge to try to find a new, more open way to respond to things--especially if there's a stale pattern in your life that you'd like to change.

In Sagittarius we learn how many of our problems are created by patterns or defenses that are no longer useful to us, and actually limit our expression. You let go a bit, and then Sagittarius' energy comes in to expand your possibilities. Life might become a little more unpredictable, but also more exciting and expansive. The theme this month then is to stop getting in your own way, to trust and open up to a higher power in the universe.

Perhaps "Truth" is the Sum of All Parts

Sagittarius is the sign that embraces honesty. If we can make ourselves willing to listen to others we can begin to get a fresh perspective on life. Sagittarius offers us the freedom to think and evaluate. We also have the freedom to offer other people space to think the way they want to and the freedom we give to ourselves and others to change our minds, if necessary. We can make decisions but they do not necessarily have to be "carved in stone"! The balancing act this month then, is the ability to find answers and our own truths without becoming close-minded about them. Perhaps there is more than one path, one answer, or one truth. Maybe truth is the sum of all parts. Perhaps each of us can only see a small part of the whole. Paradoxically, without each of our individual truths, the "whole" as we know it would not exist.

This is a good time to expand your thinking, your beliefs, and your horizons. Whether it involves planning a trip to foreign places, or learning about them, Sagittarius is all for it! It is a good time to learn about other cultures or even to begin study of a foreign language. It is a good time to ask for and get frank and straightforward advice or feedback from someone whose opinion you respect.

Seeking a "Higher Power"

Sagittarius rules optimism and adventure. Wishes this month could involve breaking out of a worn out routine and finding some adventure in your life. Be careful not to throw caution to the wind, however. If you are involved in a legal dispute this is a good time to resolve these issues, seeking truth and justice. This is a time to seek a higher power in our lives. Whether this takes the form of religious worship, or the enlisting of spirit guides, the goal is to find ourselves reaching for our highest self, exploring the possibilities, with inspiration and direction from a higher, pure source

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