New Moon Calendar Report for Leo: Shine Your Light and Express Yourself

The New Moon Power in Leo points us to the astrological sign which rules how we express or project our individuality. Through this sign's energies we joyously learn who we are and learn how to express this uniqueness through our creativity and the projections of our personalities. This is no time to stand in the shadows. Leo asks us to let our light shine out into the world.

New Moon Powers in Leo Ask Us to Shine Our Light

Our light is a unique, original, and wonderful expression of who we are. Leo loves to take center stage, radiating confidence. It almost doesn't matter if you don't have your act totally figured out. When you get out on the stage of life, the delivery of your own original message is just as important (if not more) than the content. If you believe in yourself with conviction and enthusiasm, this is what the rest of the world relates to. Others will relate to you on a visceral (or "gut") level. They will get swept up through their emotions into your joy and enthusiasm. The new moon in Cancer set the foundation of self-love inside of us to make Leo's proud presentation possible. In Cancer we learned unconditional self-love. With this emotional foundation Leo is ready to emerge into the world, ready to express itself.

Wonderful Opportunity to Start a Daily Journal

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the "planet" (actually it's a star) which identifies what "sign" we all are. The Sun signifies our sense of self-identity in a very deep way--it's how we relate to ourselves! The area of the Sun-sign in a person's chart is the part of us that feels most stable. If you are having difficulty with the concept of self-identity, which most of us have in varying degrees, it might be a wonderful opportunity this month to start a daily journal. Write down things about yourself, your creations, and your reactions to events in your life each day. Make this journal a daily celebration of your unique self.

The other day I was journaling with the intention of figuring out more about my self-identity. I was completely stuck! Then I decided to instead write down what for me are the ideal qualities in a man or in a woman friend that I would have an idealized relationship with. This was easy for me. Then I sat back, read the list of qualities (some were abstract, such as "he would be very empathetic", others concrete; "she is a musician"). When I read what I wrote I realized that I had just tricked myself into describing myself and the ideal self I wish to emerge into. I highly recommend this exercise. Perhaps doing it will help you write some goals this month.

Leo New Moon Helps us Identify Our Goals Pointing to Self Expression

When writing goals this month, it might be helpful to focus on areas of your life in which you would like to develop more self-expression. Leo also signifies romance, pleasure, children, and creativity. This is the perfect time to bring some romantic partners into your life, who will connect with you spontaneously.

One of the most profound statements about relationships (or finding a soul-mate) is that if you are true to yourself, and allow yourself free, authentic, and beautiful expression in the world, you will naturally attract the correct partner to yourself. You will easily find a true soul mate, as this person would be able to recognize you. Nothing sums up the spirit of Leo more than this for me! Step into your own power and don't be afraid of who you are.

When you do this you will create the power to attract who (and what situations) are correct for you. If you have ever experienced being with a partner that felt completely fulfilling, than you'll probably realize that this was possible because you were simply being yourself. New Moon facts this month tell you simply be yourself, and lovingly express your self-identity this month

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