Reiki Gold Healing Music CD by Llewellyn

Finding music that is suitable to accompany therapeutic sessions can be hit or miss. Often one or two songs on the CD can distract from rather than enhance a healing treatment.

When we discovered Paradise Music and listened to Reiki Gold by Llewellyn, we found a wide assortment of healing music that we describe as a delightful find.

Here is  a review from a picky listener who is also a therapist and understands how important it is to choose music that relaxes and soothes as well as synergistically enhances a healing session.

Reiki Gold CD is Aptly Titled

Reiki Energy PracticeReiki, a Japanese technique channels invisible prana or life force energy into the body to promote relaxation and healing.

Though Reiki is typically performed hands-on, the idea of using sound to deliver the healing current is a golden one. Llewellyn is a master interpreter and conduit for the healing energy of Reiki, and it is easy to feel that something is happening while you are listening. It’s as though he is administering the invisible life force energy right through the sound waves.

Complementary Healing Music

This gentle and soothing music would compliment any type of healing treatment or massage session.

Reiki Gold would also add a perfect healing context to a relaxing home environment, Spa, or honestly, even a Dr. or Dentist’s office waiting room. The high vibration sounds encourage relaxation and a peaceful demeanor. Though I wouldn’t recommend playing the CD in an actual treatment room-we don’t want our health care professionals to be too relaxed!

High Level Transmission Offers Support

Not your typical new-age music, Llewellyn’s compilation was created at a very high frequency and offers the receiver a transmission of sorts. Because healing can happen through sound, this CD would also be very useful for people with various health issues such as:

  • sleep disorders
  • emotional stress
  • anxiety
  • anger issues
  • illnesses

This soothing music would also be suitable to play in a nursery or the room of a sick or overactive child.

Reiki Gold Award Winning CDClearing Negative Energies

Reiki Gold is also ideal for playing in the house even while you are away from home. The music has a healing effect on any environment and can help clear negative energies from the environment.

Or you may wish to play the CD at a very low volume even while you are sleeping so that you can benefit throughout the night.

Reiki Gold Affirmations

Reiki Gold includes a variety of affirmations including “Just for today I will not worry” and “Just for today I will respect.”  Half expecting a breathy voiceover, I was pleasantly surprised to hear only the instrumental music that had lulled me through the first half of the CD.

Llewellyn is incredibly talented and in tune with the frequency of Reiki.

This CD would make a lovely gift for healers, therapists and of course, Reiki practitioners around the globe.

You will also find and assortment of other healing music and additional CD’s by Llewellyn at Paradise Music. All CD’s are listed alphabetically.

To learn more, visit > Paradise Music, Reiki Gold CD

Listen to Green Gassho



To learn more, visit > Paradise Music, Reiki Gold CD

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  1. BJ Wolf says:

    Reiki Gold truly does have some very peaceful music. Find it quite nice listening to it while winding down for a good night’s sleep….and this helps!!!

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