Western Career College - San Leandro, California

If you are searching for Shiatsu and massage therapy courses at a highly accredited massage school, California's Western Career College in San Leandro may be just the right place for you. You'll learn all the skills required to become a success in the world of professional therapists.

Western Career College's San Leandro campus is located at 15555 E. 14th Street, Suite 500, San Leandro, CA 94578. You can schedule a tour by contacting a school representative to learn more about this Western's Bay Area Massage School. You can learn more about their two programs and make a choice to earn either an AA massage degree or attend classes for a shorter term of time and earn a massage diploma.

massage trainingWith the increase in natural health care, more and more people are turning to massage therapy to help them experience pain relief, a great sense of health and well-being and faster healing. With the sports massage courses included in the program, you'll be sought after by both professional and amateur athletes to help them prevent injury or heal after an injury. Whether you open your own clinic or work in one of the exciting workplaces requiring your services, you'll find this career path satisfying emotionally, professionally and financially.

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