Utah College of Massage Therapy - Salt Lake City Campus, Salt Lake City, Utah

Are you searching for a Utah school of massage therapy that focuses on spa massage therapy courses? One Utah massage school, the Utah College of Massage Therapy - Salt Lake City Campus, can provide you with top-quality training in the field of massage therapy where you can earn a certificate in only 7 months full-time or 12 months part-time. After completing the basic courses, you can choose to attend the Master Bodywork Therapist training that requires only 10 weeks full-time.

At Utah College of Massage Therapy, you'll learn all the basics such as Eastern and Western modalities, sports massage, trigger point and cranial sacral therapy. You'll become fully prepared to open your own practice or obtain a job in one of the exciting workplaces seeking your services such as cruise ships, spas, resorts, sports centers and more. You'll gain personal satisfaction by helping people feel better and, at the same time, earn a lucrative living. Working in the field of the healing arts provides a life career that can grow with you.

It's so simply to learn more about the special curriculum at this wonderful college; all you have to do is ask for complimentary information from Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can get all you questions answered about their courses, class schedules, and tuition fees along with any other questions you may have.