The Whole You School of Massage - Rutherfordton, South Carolina

Massage training retreats are a great way to obtain your professional training in therapeutic bodywork and The Whole You School of Massage in Rutherfordton, South Carolina could be the perfect training retreat for you. Operating since 1990 and approved by the state of North Carolina, the campus is located at 143 Woodview Drive. There you can learn the skills you need for this in demand career in only nineteen weekends, making this a great way to advance to a brighter future.

This South Carolina massage school provides training that will prepare you to excel when you take the national board exams to qualify for your professional credentials. The courses include both ancient Eastern modalities and Western techniques. You'll learn through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on learning, providing you with a variety of learning experiences. Techniques include Swedish, Shiatsu, Reiki, sports, prenatal, craniosacral, neuromuscular massage as well as joint manipulation, stretching, nutrition, hydrotherapy, ethics, clinical functions, and business skills courses. During your training, you'll gain experience working with clients through supervised clinical hours as well as a community service assignment.

A massage therapy career can be a very fulfilling career, providing you with a means of making a difference in the world. Through helping people feel better, you'll earn much more than just a lucrative income from your work; you'll enjoy a deep sense of accomplishment and experience personal and spiritual growth, too.

Because these massage training retreats are limited to thirty-two students, you'll want to sign up and reserve your place. The small class size ensures individual attention in any areas students require assistance.