Virginia School of Massage - Charlottesville, Virginia

Are you thinking of obtaining your massage therapy certification in Virginia, you'll find one of the best massage therapy schools in Charlottesville, VA is at the Virginia College of Massage. This fine VA massage school is considered by many to be the best of the Charlottesville massage therapy schools. You have the option of taking day or evening classes. With daytime classes you can complete the 637 clock hours of training in as little as seven months. If you need to attend evening classes instead you can meet the clock hour requirements in as little as thirteen months. Once you have achieved the forty-nine quarter credits you will be on your way to an entry level position in the healthcare field and fully prepared to take the National Certification Board examination. You'll then be able to become licensed to practice in the state of Virginia.

With so many careers being impacted by downsizing, outsourcing and economic fluctuations, you'll be happy to learn that the field of professional natural health care is growing. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor projects that the need for trained therapists in the field of massage will increase by as much as 35% in the next five years. Few careers today offer this stability combined with the personal and financial satisfactions you'll enjoy as a trained therapist. You'll learn how to help your clients feel better, heal faster, experience less illness and have a greater sense of well-being.

To learn exactly how you can enter this in-demand career path, simply the school by entering your information. It's easy to learn about class schedules, training, and fees.

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