Medical Careers Institute - Newport News & Richmond, Virginia

If you are thinking of obtaining your massage therapy certification in Virginia, you can choose a local massage schoo in your area. Be sure and take note of Medical Careers Institute in Newport News. The campus is found at 1001 Omni Blvd, Newport News VA, 23606. To find the school's location just turn west off Rock Landing Drive.

Another campus is found at: Medical Career Institute - Richmond (Southside), VA.  800 Moorefield Parkway, Richmond, VA, 23236

Through massage training and courses you can become a success in field. At MCI you can earn your AAS degree which will prepare you to excel when you sit for the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) National Certification Exam.

Through your various classes you can learn the art and science of professional therapy, the medical and rehabilitative benefits , and the effects of massage and sound business practices. You can also work with clients during your course studies with supervised hands-on clinical externships. This time you will be encountering all stages of health: acute, chronic and rehabilitative.

With this career choice you'll learn how to make a positive impact on the lives of your clients by providing a greater sense of well-being and better overall health.

It's so easy to obtain complimentary, no-obligation information; simply contact the school through the following link, and fill out the form to learn about classes, cirriculum and costs.

To recieve an info packet, click > Medical Careers Institute in Virginia.


Tips for Setting Up Your Massage Practice

giving a massage sessionYour waiting room can also be a place where clients can destress while they are waiting for you should they arrive early. You can even invite them to come early as part of their session benefits. By creating a welcoming and relaxing environment this will also help to ensure that your clients arrive on time to help you stay on schedule. Which is an overall benefit to both you and your clients.

Your waiting room should have a comfortable temperature between 75 degrees and 78 degrees. This allows their body to begin relaxing in preparation for their massage session. Have some mellow music playing in the background, but be sure and forgo music with words. You could also have soft lighting, or incorporate color and sound therapy into your waiting room.

For an extra treat you could have a covered plate of sliced fruit with napkins, or a small pot of herbal tea prepared with small cups. This way they are not likely to drink in excess and need the rest room during their session. You may even think of other ideas to make your waiting room an oasis of comfort.