Kaplan College - Riverside, California

Massage classes in California are provided by many schools, but which is the right school for you?

If you want to attend a Southern California school of massage or, more specifically, a Los Angeles County massage school, you'll be happy to know about Kaplan College in Riverside.

Well known for providing a well-balanced, comprehensive education combining classroom learning with hands-on learning, you'll complete your studies fully prepared to excel in this professional field.

As a qualified professional therapist, you'll enjoy helping people feel better. Your clients will enjoy relief from pain, faster healing from illness, injury or surgery, greater mobility and flexibility, lower blood pressure, improved circulation and a greater immune response to fight off illness, just to name a few of the myriad health and emotional benefits clients of massage enjoy. You'll know that you truly make a positive difference in the lives of your clients every single workday. And, while doing something you enjoy, you'll earn a great living.

If this sounds like a career choice that will fit into your future, you can learn all the details by simply entering your information in the school's convenient info request form. A school representative will respond with all the details including information should you wish to take a tour of the school campus.

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