Institute of Beauty and Massage - Waco, Texas

Institute of Beauty and Massage in Waco, Texas is an extremely popular and well respected Texas massage school.

Of all the massage therapy schools, you'll find few that offer the options in massage courses available at this fine Waco institute.

First you begin your studies with the new Clark Comprehensive 500-hour program and then choose one of the four Specialization Certification™ Programs.

If you are passionate about children you may elect the Prenatal and Infant Massage specialized training program. Or if you prefer to work with in the fitness field with athletes you may choose the Sports Massage field. Spa Massage training is perfect for those who wish to work in spa settings, on board cruise ships, or settings that focus on spa related modalities. Another area the institute specializes in is Clinical Pain Management helping those with chronic symptom, which opens doors in a variety of workplaces.

The advanced training and specialization that the Institute of Beauty and Massage offers will qualify you for positions with more responsibility in whichever field you choose in the world of massage.