Everest College in Seattle, Washington

Everest College provides one of the finest massage schools in WA. When choosing among the Seattle massage schools, be sure to examine this fine school featuring two massage training programs.

If you are interest in working in a spa atmostphere, they also offer a Spa massage training course. In the spa program you will learn how to do body wraps, spa foot treatments, use of seaweed, and even buff and bronze techniques along with basic therapuetic massage techniques.

Since 1974, this fine Seattle massage school has provided students with the learning opportunities to permit them to become licensed therapists in the extremely marketable field of massage. Just off I-5, the school is located in North Seattle at 2111 Northgate Way, Suite 218, Seattle, WA 98133.

Health and wellness services are rapidly growing today because people have begun to realize that many of the medications offered have dangerous side effects. By using natural healing methods, many people have been able to reduce the quantity of medications they ingest, and in some cases, patients have been able to completely stop taking prescription medication with the advice of their doctor. Because massage increases circulation and muscle lubrication, the feeling of peacefulness and the removal of stress helps the body's natural healing processes to resolve many problems. There are many other benefits of bodywork therapy, and physical conditions and ailments that that respond well to therapeutic massage.

If you are considering being a part of this rapidly growing career field, contact for more information. It is easy to learn about their massage training curriculum, by contacting the school and scheduling a tour. You can meet the school staff and get a feel for the campus and location to determine if Everest is the right choice for this important career decision.

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Massage Therapist Training Tip

Select the Right Music: Music, it is said, can soothe the savage beast, and sound can be extremely effective as a means of increasing relaxation during massage therapy sessions. Choose soothing instrumental music rather than music with words because the client may focus on the words and fail to gain full relaxation.

relaxation with massage musicAlso, avoid choosing music that has sounds of running water because this can cause the client to feel a need to empty their bladder which will interrupt their bodywork session. Instrumentals that flow, soft melodic music, and other selections are available as well as natural sounds incorporated with instrumentals, which can provide just the relaxing touch and ambience your client will enjoy. You can even shop online for massage music, which is specifically designed for the practitioner in mind.

Because some people do not enjoy music and prefer silence, always ask your client about their music preference and don't assume they will like the same music you do. Before adding sound to their experience learn about their preferences. After turning on the music, ask the client if the sound level is enjoyable and adjust the sound if it is too loud or too soft for their personal tastes.