Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

Holistic medicines for pets are on the upswing, saving hundreds of dollars in vet bills if you know how to administer them correctly. The most prevalent problem with getting your pet to take their medicine is the taste-much like your child. So when administering flower essences for dogs, you'll have to use an eye dropper.

To create a blend, combine the flower essence with one ounce of H2O and some vodka or brandy to use for the preservative. However, pets don't usually like the taste; you might want to make each batch "to order." Flower remedies can be given directly from the bottle, but this will taste even worse! Try not to use more than three or four of an essential essence in one blend, the fewer, the better.

Once you have the blend made, squirt only 7-8 drops for each dose into your doggies mouth. Fido doesn't have to swallow-much unlike traditional veterinary medicine given by mouth-the flower essence for pets only has to make contact with the lips, tongue, or gums. Even better, add it to their drinking water (and don't worry about it becoming diluted, it won't) or put it on wet dog food. Mix well and let them eat it.

Many dogs have hot spots on the rump. If the area isn't too raw, you can put the Bach flower remedy for pets on your hand and wipe it on the spot. If it is a raw area, the mixture will sting, and you can give up trying to give them the remedy for awhile as they will remember the smell and shy away. Other than wiping the mixture on an area where it will sting, there is no incorrect way to apply flower remedies. As the remedies are non toxic, you can not accidentally over dose the dog if you use a little too much.

If your dog's condition is acute, you can apply the remedy as often as every few minutes-for relief of itching, for instance-or for problems with behavior, try 4 times daily for 2 weeks.

Flower essences are okay for all of your pets. If the dog you are treating shares drinking water with another pet in the house, it's safe, and can be a bonus as the other pets can only benefit from the essence.

Now onto which essence to use for what ailment;

If you are teaching the dog, Clematis flower essence will help with their attention. It is also helpful if your dog is groggy after coming home from surgery.

Impatient helps with anxiety and pain. Rock Rose is the flower essence to give if your dog has been traumatized. If you have just adopted a dog from the humane society for instance that may have been abused, this flower can alleviate stress and help restore courage.

Does your dog absolutely hate riding in the car? A dose of Cherry Plum will help settle them down. This will also help the dog who has a habit of chewing on themselves for no apparent reason-or keep them away from after surgery stitches.

If the dog has fleas and is being treated with commercial medicine, giving them Agrimony flower essence will help calm them and alleviate the itching. For picky eaters, try Beech.

The list goes on and on. Using a flower essence for dogs is one of the safest, oldest remedies for what ails them. Just ask any dog who is in the backyard eating grass, they'll tell you.

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