Feel the Feelings and Be Free

By Robina Hearle

Barbara Marciniak, an internationally known inspirational speaker and best-selling author of "Bringers of the Dawn," "Earth," "Family of Light," and "Path of Empowerment," once said, "You are afraid to feel. Your feelings are vast and all powerful, yet for many of you they are crosses of shame. However, it is through your feelings that you can ascertain what you value."

As a physiotherapist, I recognize that many people come to their sessions filled with pain and that there is an emotional component to the problem. As a self-aware person who is continually working on myself and "watching for signs," I focus on allowing myself to experience any feelings as they arise. I acknowledge such feelings, accept and embrace them, and then let them go. However, prior to becoming a Reiki Master, taking part in P'taah workshops, and reading the P'taah books, I had never heard of any of these concepts. Fortunately, there are now many self-help books and people like me that wish to inform and enlighten others to these approaches.

We must come to realize that our feelings are an untapped resource for discovering more about the world around us and ourselves. Yet, as the above quote so accurately states, we are often afraid, sometimes even terrified, of feeling. We block our feelings and hide from them; as a result, our emotional baggage overloads our system, all the way down to our cellular memory.

Our bodies are accurate records, containing every nuance of our lives. They hold all of our memories, from the things we have done to others, to how we felt about it at the time, and to the judgements we have made since. Our body remembers what others have done to us, as well as our emotions surrounding such things. We also retain shockingly traumatic memories from our lives, memories that can resurface "out of the blue" and make us "blue." We must remind ourselves that, even though we may be unaware and cannot see it at the time, there are no accidents or coincidences and that the universe works with everything intertwining as a part of the rich tapestry of life.

To illustrate this, I recently had an opportunity to clear a very painful memory. Due to recurring shoulder pain, I paid a visit to a colleague who specialises in "un-winding" the tissues. She found that the primary problem site wasn't my shoulder, but my birth canal. When she spoke the words, the eighteen-year-old memory of the birth of my eldest daughter surfaced, along with all of the feelings that I experienced at the time. As I began to cry, my colleague felt a sudden "whoosh" as the birth canal released the tension it was retaining and "unwound." At that moment of release, I allowed myself to experience the emotions, cradled them for a brief moment, and then allowed them to slip slowly away. For eighteen years, this memory had been incorporated in my tissues.

Emotional energy such as this can cause vibrational damage to the cells of your body and eventually cause dis-eases. One of the feelings that arose for me was shock. Because, I'm like a terrier dog that "worries at it" until I achieve my intention when I know I have something to clear, I took Bach flower essence's "Star of Bethlehem" which is meant to treat shock held in the cellular memory.

Five days later at a Reiki Share event, more shock surfaced. This time it was a fourteen-year-old memory of my neighbour who had hung herself; her husband had asked us to identify if she was dead.

Two sets of memories from fourteen and eighteen years ago, all filed away and stored in my body as I had held onto them. These feelings sought acknowledgement and had a yearning to be free. It took a while, but when the time and circumstances were right, I felt the feelings and was freed myself.

Robina Hearle is a Flower Essence Therapist and Maker, also a Reiki Master. The essences produced are for the Earth Changes we are experiencing, emotional and mental wellbeing and the one's spiritual path. Combinations are available for hard-hitting traumas.