Mercury Retrograde and How It Affects Us

By Elizabeth Jones

October 28th Mercury stations retrograde until 11/17. Quite an interesting time for Mercury to go retrograde, given everything else that is going on.

Let’s review a few things. First, whenever Mercury is retrograde it is not at all uncommon for various areas of our life to go a little (or a lot) haywire. Mercury rules many forms of communications, such as: verbal and/or written conversations and dialogues, emailing or text messaging, the making and agreeing to contracts (verbal or written). Furthermore, it also rules our thought process, what, and to some degree, how we think and the mental in general.

Three times each year, for about 3 weeks each time, Mercury goes retrograde. And when this is happening, any or all of the above areas of your life can be affected. Miscommunications and misunderstandings abound. You show up at an appointment only to find out it was actually the day before. Your computer crashes before you had saved a document you had worked on for hours. (In fact, be sure to save more than usual during this time.) A contract signed during this time can in some way be either unfulfilled or unsatisfying. Get the picture? And what’s so important about this time (the 3rd one this year) is that it is occurring right in the middle of all these other rather intense celestial events. So, how do you prepare for this? Let’s explore this further.

  1. First and foremost, get as many of those important calls, emails and communications made or initiated beforehand as possible (re-read 10/23 and 10/24).
  2. Do one task at a time. Staying focused will be most necessary to get things done.
  3. Next, make and then refer to, lists. Forgetfulness is a real likelihood during this time, so having things written down will be a big help. Don’t assume you will remember those important “things to get done”!
  4. Be clear in all your communications. Recheck your appointments times. Again, don’t assume that others really did hear or understand you. So don’t hesitate to say “just to be clear, let’s go over this again” a lot during this time.
  5. Give others some extra leeway. This alone will help avert misunderstandings that can lead to real problems. Again, these words will go a long way now “just in case I didn’t get that, would you repeat it again?”.
  6. Postpone making plans or agreements during this time if you can. If not, make certain you are clear on all points.
  7. If you are travelling, check and re-check your plans and reservations. Make sure your luggage is properly tagged. And if possible, make your arrangements prior to Mercury going retrograde.

When Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio

When Scorpio is gracing Mercury Retrograde prepare by following these tips:

Anything requiring research, review or reevaluation. This may include past agreements, contracts, arrangements, or even discussions or your own journals. There may be important pieces of information that you have forgotten which will help you in some way now.

Re-reading favorite books or articles can also offer some new insights, or just enjoyment.

Slow down. Don’t rush. When Mercury is retrograde it is a very good idea to slow your pace and take a few deep breaths, especially if you are feeling hurried or on a deadline. It is only too easy to miss some essential element when we rush around, and this is especially true now.

Know that things are not always (usually?) what they seem. And that during this time you can, through your intention, look at virtually any situation in your life (internal or external) with a new perception and find a deeper meaning. A key is to enter this process not knowing what will occur or thinking that you have the answers. This will help to allow the “answers” to come from within. Allow this to be a mysterious process.

Perhaps most important is that by working with, and not against, these energies, you will be engaging the process of regeneration in some way. In other words, this time period is ideal for looking deep within for the answers that have always resided there, waiting to be found. In December there is a significant shift of energy towards higher understanding, optimism, new opportunities and more. And the more you engage and welcome in the current energies of review, deep inquiry, reevaluation and genuine seeking, you will be creating the space for the expansive energies coming in to open you to more joy, fulfillment and truth.

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