AstroCurrents for May: Part One - Focus on What Matters, Finances, Resources, Nature, and What Makes You Feel Secure

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“Your only shelter is your family and the body God gave you.”
--From the Sarah Connor Chronicles

April 19 Sun enters Taurus at 9:51 am PDT (until May 20).

The themes that arise and get attention during the Sun’s annual 30-day visit in Taurus are: what truly matters in your life, finances, resources, natural living, the Earth/gardening/natural beauty, what makes you feel grounded, secure and safe and more. To learn more, read Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) and find out how this shift to the sign of Taurus impacts us all, read .

April 30 Venus enters Taurus until 5/24

Venus in Taurus accentuates the desire nature, sensuality, sexuality, the need to touch and be touched, and the seeking out of pleasure and enjoyment in all ways. While this is fine, do be careful not to over-indulge, as this is possible now. Venus here can also be possessive and envious; so do try to curb those inclinations if they arise.

Venus, the planet of Love, is comfortable and at home in this sign, as it rules Taurus. During its time here, the power of attraction and magnetism is strong. Your desire to express your feelings is increased and if you do so from your heart, you can create an extra sweetness and caring in all personal relationships. Take time to nurture the things, and people, you love in your life now. And find ways to give to yourself as well! A massage or day at the spa may be just what you need.

This is also a great time to bring beauty into some part of your life, such as your home, wardrobe or garden. Find simple, easy and natural ways to do this such as with wild flowers, children’s art and even with something you have, but haven’t used in a while. The idea is to notice and appreciate the beauty that already exists in your life, thus seeing that you don’t need to be elaborate or spend a lot of money to bring the beauty of Venus into your world.

Keys to making the most of Venus in Taurus:

  • Find ways to enjoy yourself without over indulging.
  • Express your feelings of love to those you care about.
  • Avoid excessive spending.
  • Find beauty in your environment.
  • Seek out nature and get outside!

“Think like a (wo)man of action; act like a (wo)man of thought.”
--Henry Bergson

May 2 Mercury enters Gemini until 7/10

Most enjoy Mercury’s annual stay in Gemini because our mind seems to “work better” and conversations flow with greater ease. This is because Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini and is most comfortable here. Emphasized now are our thoughts, attitudes, conversations and words~written and spoken. Mentally, we are more versatile and flexible. It is easier to be open to new ideas and ways of seeing things. You will likely find that this openness and flexibility help as you relate your ideas and feelings to others. A key is that you may find you are eager to hear what others have to say and are genuinely open to their view.

During this time, Mercury will be making its second retrograde of the year from 5/25 until 6/19. It is good to get prepared for the retrograde period by making important arrangements, travel plans, sign contracts and have plans in motion prior to this time. When Mercury is retrograde in Gemini it is a good time to reconsider things, to reconnect to previous intentions and to rethink any area or direction of your life. I will discuss more on this in the next AstroCurrents.

Until then, here are some keys to making the most of Mercury in Gemini:

  • Explore new options and ideas; keep an open-mind
  • Try not to tangent and get off track, as it is easy to get distracted
  • Be an active listener
  • If you feel mentally stressed, restless or anxious, try taking some deep breaths or spend time gazing at the sky
  • Be clear and concise as there is a tendency now to express ourselves with more words and thoughts than may be necessary!
  • Adapt to the situation at hand by seeing options and knowing that others have a point of view too!
  • Mercury here is great for writing, journaling, publishing and editing, so it would be good to use this to your advantage during this time.
  • Mercury here helps your overall mental acuity and agility.

May 2 Saturn SD at 1°40’ Virgo until 12/31

Saturn has been retrograde since 12/19 and during this time, many have been regrouping and perhaps rebuilding in some way the foundations of their personal or professional life (either voluntarily or not!). Saturn rules the place we stand, the rules we are governed by and the boundaries we must live within. And while it was retrograde, all of these things have very likely gotten your attention in some way. And now that it is stationing and moving forward, it is important that you review what has occurred since it went retrograde last December, as this will help you to build your foundation even stronger as time goes on.

Saturn in Virgo is all about what is most essential and basic to your life. It has great influence over our daily routines and habits. Thus, issues such as diet, nutrition and health are getting a lot of focus from many people. During this station and in the weeks to come is a wonderful time to implement the changes necessary for greater health and well-being.

In some ways this is like going back to the first of the year and sorting out and setting intentions for the remainder of the year. It is important to avoid feeling remorse or guilt as that can arise now since Saturn in Virgo can be prone to being self-critical and judgmental. Just take what you have learned from this time of review and rethink the plan, make the necessary revisions, and then take the steps towards the goal you now have greater clarity about.

May 2 & 3 Mercury square Saturn

During this two-day period there may be some strained conversations and/or a tendency towards depression or melancholy. Thoughts of regret, remorse or sadness can arise suddenly. To best deal with this, avoid topics of conversation that may be extra-sensitive, especially if the other person(s) involved do not seem to want to enter into such a talk. Also, keep in mind that this is a short-lived influence and that perhaps something has presented itself to your awareness that really does need to be dealt with, and not avoided.

May 5 New Moon at 15°22’ Taurus at 5:18 am PDT

This is a special New Moon as there will be a grand trine in Earth signs that offers a solid place to stand on as you take steps to manifest your goals. The very fertile and nourishing energy present now will bring opportunities and open doors to what you truly need and want during the next phase of your journey.

To best utilize the energies of this New Moon, here are some keys:

  • Plant ideas and start those things that bring sweetness, love & abundance into your life.
  • Consider making those purchases under this influence that you expect to get a lot of use out of, and/or that you will really enjoy.
  • Bring beauty or relaxation into your life in some way now~plant flowers, go to an art museum or perhaps treat yourself to a massage.
  • Use the resources at hand as what you need now may be right under your nose!
  • Spending time with Mother Nature will be rejuvenating and grounding now.
  • Be generous, sharing your time, money and resources with others.
  • Beware of being rigid, stubborn or impractical. Go with the flow!

May 9 Jupiter SR at 22°22’ Capricorn until 9/7

Jupiter rules the principles and energies of expansion and growth. Under its influences we can more easily manifest what we want. During this time of retrograde, this ability may slow down, making manifestation a bit trickier. What you can do is give some careful consideration to what it is that brings you a true sense of joy in your work. Introspection and reflection can help you to review the times in your life that have brought you a sense of accomplishment and positive rewards. And during this time it would be good to see if you want to perhaps recreate those things in your future.

To best utilize the energies of this retrograde time, consider the following:

  • Be realistic.
  • Look into your past for answers to your current dilemmas.
  • Use the resources you now have if possible.
  • Keep things simple and practical.
  • Consult with those wiser or more experienced than you as needed.
  • Think long-term and be patient and persistent.
  • In general, this is a good time to reevaluate your resources and come up with a game plan for creating a more secure foundation and fulfilling future.

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

May 9 Mars enters Leo until 7/1

It is interesting that Mars is entering Leo on the same day that Jupiter is stationing…it is rather like having one foot on the brake and the other on the gas at the same time. Mars in Leo is fiery and dynamic and can get us all enthused about something, whereas Jupiter’s station will send the vibes to slow down, and think through forward movement. So how do you reconcile this?

  • Pace yourself and don’t take on too much as there may be a rush towards the gate now.
  • Direct some of this fiery energy towards those tasks that upon completing you will feel like you accomplished something constructive and “fruit-bearing.”
  • Try not to bully others into what you want…be sure to consider their feelings and desires.
  • If you do force your will onto those around you, expect to get some strong opposition as others are feeling the urge to get their way as well.
  • Use this surge of energy to break through inertia and lethargy that may have set in while Mars was in Cancer (Mars is very fire-like and Cancer is a water sign—get the picture?).

And speaking of Mars in Cancer, other than January and February, Mars has been in Cancer since late last September, which is a very long time for it to stay in any sign. This has been an ultra-sensitive placement for Mars that has had many feeling quite uncomfortable and vulnerable, at times over-reactive and emotionally more intense than usual. Because of this, Mars now entering Leo will feel like a welcome relief as our focus and energies are stronger and feel more natural. This fiery placement of Mars will help you to direct yourself in more productive and creative ways.

Sending you Blessings and Light,

~Elizabeth Jones

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Looking ahead to May AstroCurrents Part Two, here are some of the events I will be discussing (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as to when the new AstroCurrents is up):

  • May 19 Full Moon at 29°26’ Scorpio at 7:11 pm PDT
  • May 20 Sun enters Gemini at 9:01 am PDT
  • May 24 Venus enters Gemini until 6/18
  • May 26 Mercury SR at 21°32’ Gemini until 6/19
  • May 26 Neptune SR at 24°15' Aquarius until 11/2

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