AstroCurrents for April 2008: Part Two - Focus on Full Moon in Scorpio, Affairs of the Heart, Practicality and Persistence

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“The only requirement for eventually getting there is to keep going in the right direction.”
--Ashleigh Brilliant

April 17 Mercury enters Taurus until 5/2

While Mercury is in Taurus are generally more grounded, practical and inclined towards not rushing as much. Our minds slow down a bit, considering the options available before acting or make decisions. Topics up for consideration now are finances and budgets as well as what you value and care about.

To read more about how this shift to Taurus impacts us all, read May's Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

Taurus energies are always an invitation to be careful when it comes to matters involving money and so, if you are looking at how to make ends meet, be sure to consider using the resources you have on hand first and to be realistic and sensible when spending. That said Taurus also loves what it loves…meaning don't become so money conscious that you miss out on those things that really are enjoyable. Just be realistic and practice being frugal!

In regards to affairs of the heart, this is a time to give thought to what truly matters most to you in relationships and to take steps to keep those things safe and secure. Letting others know you care and that you love them is one way to do this very thing! Give some consideration to all that you do have and don't take things for granted.

As you consider your options during this time, those things that are down-to-earth and tried-but-true will have a strong appeal and will help to produce the desired results. Once you get clear on what you want and have your focus clearly in mind, use the powerful forces of manifestation present now to persevere towards your goal.

Keys to making the most of Mercury in Taurus:

  • “Keep things real” and practical.
  • Stay focused and eliminate distractions.
  • Be persistent, but let go as the need arises.
  • Use the resources at hand before spending money on new ones.

April 19 Sun enters Taurus at 9:51 am PDT (until May 20).

The themes that arise and get attention during the Sun's annual 30-day visit in Taurus are: what truly matters in your life, finances, resources, natural living the Earth/gardening/natural beauty, what makes you feel grounded, secure and safe and more. To read more about how this shift to Taurus impacts us all, read more about Taurus characteristics in May's Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

April 20 Full Moon at 0°43' Scorpio at 3:25 am PDT

The annual* Scorpio Full Moon can be a most challenging and intense one and while that is true this year as well, there are also several positive aspects present at this time that can create this being a most powerful and constructive few days. The trick is to get clarity about where to focus and to be willing to let go of old ways. Don't hold on to what you've outgrown!

Some questions to consider now are:

  • Do I procrastinate and waste my time on non-essentials then wonder why I don't accomplish what I want to?
  • What specific steps can be taken that would help this?
  • What do I hold on to that is (really) ready to leave my life and actually holds me back?

Some tips to best use the strong energies present now are:

  • To intently focus on the task at hand and you will accomplish a lot now.
  • To look for answers and solutions in unusual places.
  • And don't force, manipulate or control outcomes now, as this will bring the negative aspects of this Full Moon right to the surface! (Such as confrontation, obsessive behavior and/or deception).
  • It is advised to be careful not to say things you will regret later—keep that Scorpio stinger under control!
  • Stay true to your values and ethics.

[*NOTE; there are actually two Scorpio Full Moons this year. The second one is on May 19th—more on that in next month's AstroCurrents.]

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

April 22 Mars trine Uranus at 21°02' Cancer/Pisces

April 24 Mars opposite Jupiter at 22°01' Cancer/Capricorn

These two aspects happening so close can bring about fortunate events that you didn't even see coming. It is also most helpful for encouraging the creative process and coming up with just the right solution to a current issue or dilemma. There is a dynamic energy present now that can stir things up in the right way to get the movement needed to get unstuck. Take advantage of the few days before and after this aspect by noticing synchronicity and coincidences. Things can change quickly in positive ways now. Stay open. There is magic and alchemy in the air!

April 30 Venus enters Taurus until 5/24

NOTE: Once Venus enters Taurus, there will be six planets in Earth signs for a couple days, making this a great time to get things accomplished in very tangible ways. Set a goal and stay focused and you can be able to bring the task at hand into reality.

Venus in Taurus accentuates the desire nature, sensuality, sexuality, the need to touch and be touched, and the seeking out of pleasure and enjoyment in all ways. While this is fine, do be careful not to over-indulge, as this is possible now. Venus here can also be possessive and envious; so do try to curb those inclinations if they arise.

Venus, the planet of Love, is comfortable and at home in this sign, as it rules Taurus. During its time here, the power of attraction and magnetism is strong. Your desire to express your feelings is increased and if you do so from your heart, you can create an extra sweetness and caring in all personal relationships. Take time to nurture the things, and people, you love in your life now. And find ways to give to yourself as well! A massage or day at the spa may be just what you need.

This is also a great time to bring beauty into some part of your life, such as your home, wardrobe or garden. Find simple, easy and natural ways to do this such as with wild flowers, children's art and even with something you have, but haven't used in a while. The idea is to notice and appreciate the beauty that already exists in your life, thus seeing that you don't need to be elaborate or spend a lot of money to bring the beauty of Venus into your world.

Keys to making the most of Venus in Taurus:

  • Find ways to enjoy yourself without over indulging
  • Express your feelings of love to those you care about
  • Avoid excessive spending
  • Find beauty in your environment
  • Seek out nature and get outside!

Be sure and also read AstroCurrents for April: Part One, to learn more about many astrology influences still in effect for April 2008.

Sending you Blessings and Light,

~Elizabeth Jones

Looking ahead to May AstroCurrents, here are some of the events I will be discussing (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as to when the new AstroCurrents is up):

  • May 2 Mercury enters Gemini until 7/10
  • May 2 Saturn SD at 1°40' Virgo until 12/31
  • May 5 New Moon at 15°22' Taurus at 5:18 am PDT
  • May 9 Jupiter SR at 22°22' Capricorn until 9/7
  • May 9 Mars enters Leo until 7/1
  • May 19 Full Moon at 29°26' Scorpio at 7:11 pm PDT
  • May 20 Sun enters Gemini at 9:01 am PDT
  • May 24 Venus enters Gemini until 6/18
  • May 26 Mercury SR at 21°32' Gemini until 6/19
  • May 26 Neptune SR at 24°15' Aquarius until 11/2

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